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Thoughts on Mission Bowling Club [San Francisco]

I like the comfort food menu and the kitschy venue, but has anyone been? How was the food and service?

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  1. I've been twice at happy hour for the burger. It was the alpha and omega of burgers, and the service was great both times, especially considering I was on the patio which is lovely in the daytime. It is quite loud inside, unavoidable in a bowling alley, which is partly why I chose to sit outside.

    1. Burger are legend, but other offerings can also be very good. Recently there was a jerked pork sandwich with cole slaw that my wife ordered and was so good that it distracted me from the burger. Service is quick and friendly.

      1. I'll chime in to say the burger is full-fat glorious, and the patio is a nice space. The fried chicken was just as good as the burger, if not quite as glamorous. They seem to keep a good beer selection on tap, as well. And the servers are friendly, even if you linger (or they are during off-hours, anyway).

        So: nothing to complain about.

        1. The burger is adapted from the labor-intensive Heston Blumenthal recipe. In its previous incarnation at Duc Loi, it was exponentially better than any other griddled burger I've had.



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          1. We've long been fans of Sommer Peterson since her Mini Bar days/nights on Divisadero and applaud the Mission Bowling Club.
            I've tried relentlessly to adore the burger since Duc Loi and twice at MBC, three times it has fallen short of expectations; first time it was fall-apart artery-clogging grease, second and third times at happy hour it was served cold - I was tempted to walk behind the bar to serve myself. Looking forward to other offerings.

            1. Thanks all. This is definitely on the list of places to try in the Mission.

              1. I loved the burger, but hated the environment. I'd go back, but I'd definitely eat outside. Otherwise, you have to suffer through the constant noise of balls hitting pins, people cheering, etc. I know it's a bowling alley, but it was surprisingly loud in the dining area.

                1. Their cinnamon crunchy toast dessert is the best! Also we had great service, especially since we were just getting snacks/dessert.

                  1. I enjoyed the fried chicken which somehow seemed to have a layer of hot sauce underneath the chicken skin. It was good but not so good that I've sought it out again. Worth trying though.

                    I'm an outlier in that I think the burger while tasty is lacking in texture - somehow it's too loose. When I had the (similar) burger at Duc Loi it seemed to have more texture (but was also a bit over salted).

                    This isn't a criticism of _just_ mission bowling but it's annoying to go to a place at 2:50 and be told that you can only order off the brunch menu. With a small child we try to catch dinner early sometimes but many places seem to push their brunch menus into the late afternoon. I want burgers and chicken, not eggs and toast. It would be nice if they just let the menus overlap after say, noon on the weekends.

                    1. I've had the famous burger and have no idea what the fuss is about. Great drinks though.

                      1. Burger. And, I hesitate to give this away, but I've had brunch there more than a few times and have never been disappointed.

                        1. that burger is to die for. i'd be hard pressed to order anything but.

                          1. Wow. Finally made it yesterday (my days in the city are numbered, so I am knocking things off my list), and that burger lives up to its reputation. Salty as hell, but delicious.

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                              Another convert ;-). I had one on Sunday, and it was sublime as usual, made even better by the rest of the patio being given over to a family celebration of a young man's 21st. Dang, they were having a great time.

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                                The burger still doesn't do it for me but I'm no burger expert but the brined pork chop is one of the best I've had in SF. Nice thick cut, brined in tangy vinegar and fruit. Very large portion and not overcooked. I would go back just for that even though I don't care for the space or the concept.

                                The space still doesn't do anything for me. It's odd having to give my id at the door to eat in a bowling alley. Odder still you can't actually eat at the lanes. They try to make the dining space more intimate and warm with the drop ceiling but it just creates this odd division. Wish you could get the food while at the lanes.