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Jan 10, 2013 06:09 PM

Thoughts on Mission Bowling Club [San Francisco]

I like the comfort food menu and the kitschy venue, but has anyone been? How was the food and service?

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  1. I've been twice at happy hour for the burger. It was the alpha and omega of burgers, and the service was great both times, especially considering I was on the patio which is lovely in the daytime. It is quite loud inside, unavoidable in a bowling alley, which is partly why I chose to sit outside.

    1. Burger are legend, but other offerings can also be very good. Recently there was a jerked pork sandwich with cole slaw that my wife ordered and was so good that it distracted me from the burger. Service is quick and friendly.

      1. I'll chime in to say the burger is full-fat glorious, and the patio is a nice space. The fried chicken was just as good as the burger, if not quite as glamorous. They seem to keep a good beer selection on tap, as well. And the servers are friendly, even if you linger (or they are during off-hours, anyway).

        So: nothing to complain about.

        1. The burger is adapted from the labor-intensive Heston Blumenthal recipe. In its previous incarnation at Duc Loi, it was exponentially better than any other griddled burger I've had.

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          1. We've long been fans of Sommer Peterson since her Mini Bar days/nights on Divisadero and applaud the Mission Bowling Club.
            I've tried relentlessly to adore the burger since Duc Loi and twice at MBC, three times it has fallen short of expectations; first time it was fall-apart artery-clogging grease, second and third times at happy hour it was served cold - I was tempted to walk behind the bar to serve myself. Looking forward to other offerings.