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Jan 10, 2013 06:08 PM

Old Monk rum- which type?

I'm about to buy a bottle of Old Monk 7 yr rum, and I figured that while I'm paying $$$ for shipping, I might as well try one or two of their other bottlings since I'll probably never find them locally.

Has anyone tried the Gold Reserve 12 or the the Supreme XXX? They're very close to the 7 year in price, but I can't find any reviews online.

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  1. I have the 12 yr gold reserve, it was only $2 more than the XXX at and it is a substantial step up IMO. You might want to go ahead and get two, it's that good and a great deal for the $18 I paid.

    Oddly enough, nowhere on my bottle does it say 12 yrs old, though it does on their site.

    Edit: I decided to open the bottle of XXX I have had for a while and do a direct comparison to the gold reserve. The XXX is a little heavy on the molasses - in fact, it reminds me of what Cruzan Blackstrap rum was a few years ago, when it was still good. The 12 yr is more balanced, a little less dry, and tastes more like a good aged rum. Both are very good in their own way, though I haven't done much with it the XXX would likely make an excellent mixer.

    I have never seen the supreme xxx on any site I have ordered from, but I would definitely get one just because of the awesome bottle.

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      Does the reserve have that distinct vanilla taste? (Or is that what you're reading as "heavy molasses?" Do you also get the vanilla?)

      1. re: davis_sq_pro

        I definitely notice the vanilla a lot more in the gold reserve. Oddly enough the XXX is also slightly darker, probably due to the molasses.