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Jan 10, 2013 05:15 PM

pizza making class at mozza = hugely disappointing

let me start off by saying mozza has the best pizza in l.a.

i've been a fan of nancy silverton's cooking dating back to campanile. i've eaten multiple times at campanile, la brea bakery at downtown disney, mozza, the osteria, and short order.

my 14 year old son wanted to celebrate his upcoming birthday with a cooking class with a few of his friends. i googled "best cooking class" + "los angeles" and a site popped up that gave a glowing review of mozza's pizza making class, with the following descriptions: "Students got a demonstration from one of Mozza’s chefs and a hands-on lesson in kneading dough and shaping crust" and "During this class, the wine flowed freely, and there was more pizza offered than I was capable of actually sampling."

sounded good to me. and to my son and his friends. it was pricey ($150.00 per person, not including taxes or tip or beverages) but i figured mozza has the best pizza, this will be an awesome unique hands on experience. YOLO!

so we arrive at mozza this past saturday with a reservation for six: my son, three of his teenage friends, myself and my gf. as soon as we sit down i see there is no counter space for us to prepare pizza, so i ask our waiter aaron where this will take place. aaron tells me this is not a hands on cooking class, only the chef prepares the pizza. YIKES! i explained to him the four kids were expecting to get their hands dirty and dusty with flour, kneading dough and shaping crust. i asked to speak to the manager. theresa came out and explained this was a demonstration cooking class only, not hands on. i told her i never would have booked a teenage birthday party, especially at $150/person, if i had known this. theresa assured me the class was interesting and the kids would be engaged.

the class was marginally interesting to me as an adult who dabbles in the kitchen. for the kids is was pure boredom. there were 14 of us attending the class (the other 8 were older couples) and we sat for 3 hours while the pizza chef droned on about the dough, the sauce, the toppings, etc etc.

eventually 10 pizzas were made with different toppings. each pizza was cut into 14 tiny slices so we could all have a taste. so we each ate 10/14 (or approximately 2/3) of a pizza. mozza pizzas are small. this was nowhere near enough food. especially for ravenous teenagers. we all agreed the pizzas were delicious. but then again, anything will taste delicious after you have waited 3 hours. and are served a tiny sliver of a portion.

with tax and tip, for our party of six, the bill came to over $1000.00. the six of us ate a total of 4 pizzas. so i paid $250.00 per pizza.

i was so disappointed with our experience. i sent three polite respectful emails of complaint, over the span of three days, to mozza, asking to speak to a manager. i received zero reply. i even sent an email to nancy silverton (through her assistant) with zero reply.

ultimately a shame because it has really soured my opinion of mozza and their admittedly tasty pizza.

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  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your experience, which reads like something of a rip-off.

    I'll stick to ordering/eating their pizza, thank you very much!

    1. I've always thought that class sounded terribly overpriced. Because, unless you have that kind of oven, you can't really duplicate the pizza anyway. And now I'm really glad that I've never done it. Sorry you had the experience, though. And surprised you didn't get some sort of reply.

      1. knowing of your experience has soured me forever on the place.
        there is no excuse for them not replying to you.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I specifically remember reading somewhere on their website or in one of those mailing list emails that you will not be making pizzas hands on. Which is why I never signed up.

            Looking at the current website, that is not clear at all.