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Jan 10, 2013 05:15 PM

Vegan in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Stayed at a place called Toby's Resort near the airport. At first didn't like it, but warmed up to it nicely, especially their massage service (only massage, no HE). Tried working with the kitchen staff for a couple days to get food, but that didn't work out.

Then found a vegan chef who worked at a place called Millenium Victory Vegetarian Restaurant and Juice Bar on 65 Barnett St, phone 876 887 5545. This guy used only fresh products, no cooking oils (only fresh coconut milk that can be boiled down if oil is needed). Even better, he had a delivery boy with a motorcycle who'd deliver the food to wherever I was. Each meal (as in 2 pounds of food) usually cost around 550 J (say around $6 US) delivered, but I'd always just pay $10. Typical things I ate included Broadbean stew, Ackee stew, steamed calaloo, steamed root veggies like potatoes, yams and some local tubers. Also steamed bananas and pumpkins and squash as well as raw salads.

Also found a health food store and vegan cafe called Adwa that served vegan soups/stews, desserts and local delicacies like Tie Leaf. They also made fresh vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies. I liked their green juices with calaloo and carrot mixed.

Between these two places, I obtained most all meals.

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  1. What a great report, thanks so much for posting this! the food sounds fantastic.

    1. Just an update. Went back again this year. Millennium Victory is still going strong. Great food as usual, and the same owner/chef as before.

      He does use oil in a very limited way, both for frying Festival (a bun-like treat) and for frying breadfruit (has a taste fried that people expect). Else it's just coconut milk, made fresh from coconut each day (uses a Vitamix blender for this).

      Noticed that a lot of locals enjoy this restaurant, in particular several drivers mentioned breakfasts. This place has some breakfast food (porridge and more), and regular fare all day long. Opens around 7:30am and stays open until around 6 or 7 pm.

      Can't recommend this place enough. Good food, good prices, and with great ethics.

      I spent a morning there back in the kitchen. Everything was prepared from fresh food or whole grains. Nothing processed. He does use Bragg's Liquid Aminos for the Veggie Chunks (wheat gluten) and Veggie Mince (soy protein), but doesn't use salt in anything or even have salt on the premises.

      Also the chef will prepare live foods (nothing cooked) upon request, but doesn't always have time. So if you want something with live foods, don't hesitate to ask, but don't always expect to get it right then.

      Also visited Adwa again. This restaurant serves the same fare as before, but has gone upscale a bit, and is in a new location. Just ask and ye shall be directed there ... not far from the KFC just past Hip Strip. It's easy walking from Margaritaville or Doctor's Cave beach.