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Jan 10, 2013 05:09 PM

REAL Lamb Gyros in Central NJ (besides Pithari)

I am looking for a place that makes the real lamb gryos shaved off of the slow turner in Central NJ. Pithari is great but looking for others as well.

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  1. Are you looking for Shawarma? Gyros are ground meat, no?

    Ibby's in Freehold?

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    1. re: fourunder

      Yes... Shawarma. I am more north of Freehold. Looking more in the Edison/Piscataway/South Plainfield area.

      1. re: jennybird83

        Mahmoun's from NYC and Hoboken opened up a location in New Brunswick as well and their shawarma is delicious and shaved fresh off the slow turner.

    2. I havent been to either in forever.. but Efe's in New brunswick, and right up the street.. Evelyn's.

      1. Recently we tried Jimmy's in Spotswood. We found them to be excellent!

            1. re: flourgirl

              I know, and they are in Flemington! Hopefully they won't go out of business in the next year. :-\

              1. re: esjro

                I hear ya. We are doing our best to do our share to make sure that doesn't happen. We've been giving them a lot of business.

              1. re: esjro

                I like Village Gyro but I don't believe they have shawarma, which is what the OP is really after.

                Marhaba in Lambertville has shawarma but the last time I went it was chicken. Don't think they have lamb.

                1. re: ambrose

                  Gyro and schawarma both refer to sliced meat roasted on a spit. They may have different seasonings, and when wrapped in a pita, they typically have different toppings. In Greece, gyro is most often pork. Of course, middle eastern schwarama is never pork. However, the concept is the same: a big rotisserie with roasting meat which is thinly sliced off. Both Marhaba and Village Gyro serve them.

              2. Has anyone been to Greece and had a real gyro while there? I have yet to find one that compares or even comes remotely close here in the states. It was on the slow turner but it wasn't formed or ground meat. It was sliced almost like a brisket and then placed and piled on the slow turn cooker and sliced to order. It was quite a sight and by far the best. If you can find that here in NJ or NY, do tell I will jump in the car now!

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                1. re: angelo04

                  I had one like that a few years ago from Troy Turkish Restaurant in NYC. I think it was like 43rd and 9th? Somewhere around there.

                  The one I had from Efe's in New Brunswick was like that, but spiced a bit weird. Kind of tasted a bit like pastrami, even though it was lamb.

                  Also, think grill in South Brunswick (Maybe union too?) used to have a pork gyro that was shaved like that. It's probably been over a year since I've been there

                  1. re: angelo04

                    I personally have not been to greece but my boyfriend was there for a month with his best friend whose fmily is from there. Excuse my A and E, they are brok on my keyboad. Once a year the Piscatawy Greek Fest on River Rd has authenitc and so does Pithari in Highland Park. But where else?

                    1. re: jennybird83

                      St Demetrios in Perth Amboy also runs a Greek Festival with very good food .