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Jan 10, 2013 04:53 PM

Two NYCers eating through Montreal- Feb 13-18th

My boyfriend is taking me on a "romantic" (read- food and drink filled) little vaca to Montreal next month and are looking for some suggestions for breakfast/lunch food! We already have reservations for Toque!, Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef so thats 3 of our 5 dinners covered, but we are are looking for suggestions for overall good food for breakfasts/lunches/snacks/whatever! We have friends who have vacationed in Montreal so we've gotten some suggestions but we both like more "locals" spots (and we'll certainly have the time.)

To add more specificity, we are staying the first 3 nights in Old Montreal (I believe thats what it's called...?) and the other 2 at the W Hotel. We will not have a car but we are used to walking and are open to using public transit.

Any suggestions highly welcomed and we can return in kind with NYC recommendations, if needed. And, while we're on that note, if anyone has any suggestions for fun stuff to do that is non-chow related...hit me! I LOVE the snow (which is why we're going in the first place) so snowshoeing also came up...

Anyway, let me have it!

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  1. You can start with this article a friend of mine wrote that has a lot of great suggestions for a foodie visit: http://www.ottawamagazine.com/restaur...
    The Fete des Neiges is over when you are here unfortunately but it is possible to cross-country ski, skate and slide on Mount Royal in the centre of the city, plus in numerous big city parks.

    You've got the best restaurants covered already, I see. I'd probably suggest some good bakeries for breakfast and coffee like Kouign Amann, Cafe Neve, maybe a short study of poutine at a few places if you are interested (La Banquise, Patati Patata), a visit to Jean-Talon market to pick up some things to take home and eat snacks on the run.

    Old Montreal is lovely with some nice places for sandwiches like Olive et Gourmando, and Chinatown is just a block or two away if you want some inexpensive soup or dumplings, although that might not be a big change from home. I'm sure you'll get lots more helpful suggestions as these are just quick thoughts and there are lots of local spots that are worth a visit.

    1. We would suggest the following places for weekday lunches (not all do weekend, but if they do, we'll mention it to the best of our knowledge):

      Dominion Square Tavern is an intimate, renovated brasserie in the heart of downtown.

      Ferreira Cafe is THE seafood destination in Montreal, serving Portuguese gastronomy also in the heart of downtown.

      Osteria Venti is a "recent" rustic Italian joint in Old Montreal, LOVED by the local blogosphere.

      1. Thanks for the responses!
        SO slight change of plans- we were informed by Toque that they are only offering a tasting menu on valentines day, so we opted to cancel. Now we are open on the 14th- does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere fun? Doesn't have to be fancy, we're not crazy into valentines day anyway but I'm afraid if we don't plan something we wont get in anywhere because of the date!

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          I love the p'tit plateau. Small, cozy, perfect for v-day, and byow. Had one of my best meals in the city there.

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            Yup. And offer Alain a glass of wine if what you bring is decent ;)

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            Try Pintxo or perhaps Lemeac if pintxo does not have room.