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Jan 10, 2013 04:53 PM

Chicken and Yellow Rice.. HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

Every time I make chicken and yellow rice it messes up. I boil a whole chicken and then debone it. I take two bags of family size yellow rice (vigo). I bring 10 cups of my chicken stock to a boil and then add my rice. I cook for a 1 min then add my chicken and cover. I turn the heat down to simmer (side note if it matters it's a gas stove) and cook for 35 min. The rice is always hard and mushy. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? I have no problems with white rice but my husband loves the yellow. Any tips?

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      Why not do it like the Cubans do, it is a Cuban dish. Saute the chicken first. do not boil it. Get it nice and brown, take out of skillet and saute your onions,green peppers and garlic. Put over the chicken and in same pan add white wine,saffron,salt,bay leaf chicken broth and rice. Bring to a boil Pour over chicken in casserole, cover and bake.

      That's how to get good chicken and yellow rice.

      1. re: Bebes

        Great idea with the saffron. The OP could also do a Risotto Milanese. Very yellow and creamy good.

    2. What do the directions say to do? Sometimes you do have to follow them precisely...

      1. How can it be both hard and mushy? Are some pieces hard and some mushy?

        1. I always fry my rice in olive oil before adding the water

          1. Have you tried cooking the yellow without the chicken? In other words try to solve the problem in steps.

            I suspect by 'hard and mushy' you mean that rice at the bottom, especially under chicken pieces is mushy, while rice at the top is hard. So some of the rice has been pressed down and over cooked, while other parts did not have enough contact with the liquid and steam.

            Cooking rice evenly with additions like meat is always trickier than plain rice.

            One possibility is that the proportion of chicken is too high, pressing on some, while shielding other parts from cooking.

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            1. re: paulj

              A big bed of well cooked yellow rice, maybe with some peas and pimentos with pan roasted chicken on top is one way.

              when mixing shredded chicken with the yellow rice at the onset baking in the oven is another way to get more even heating.