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Jan 10, 2013 03:56 PM

How long can I keep a chicken carcass in the fridge?

Hi - so I made "french chicken in a pot" on Sunday, chicken tortilla soup out of the leftovers on Tuesday, put the carcass back in the fridge thinking I'd make stock Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn't get to making the stock on Wednesday - today is Thursday, 4 days later, think its ok to use? or should I toss it? Normally I freeze I would have froze it, just didn't think I'd need to :-/

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  1. Let your nose guide you. If the carcass smells a bit off, even the faintest bit off, I would toss it.

    1. I agree with Dave. If you think it might be a few days, throw the carcass in the freezer until you need it.

      1. My rule of thumb is 5 days. Feel free to chuck that carcass in the freezer if you'd prefer to deal with it at a later time.

        1. Frankly unless the chicken was a truly 'free range one, and even then don't expect to get much in the way of tasty stock. I'd toss it. When you want to make chicken stock get a few fresh pork bones or small beef bones add a whole fresh chicken a bunch of salt. Nothing else. Bring the pot full of clod water to a boil than right away down to a low barely simmer for a few hours. Cool, strain, reduce with more low simmering to about half volume, cool strain through a cheese cloth for more clarity if you want. Freeze in small Zip lock bags you have put in the freezer on their sides one laid on the other.

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            I never use pork or beef bones in my chicken stock and I promise you - it's extremely tasty.

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              I'm sure your stock is "extremely tasty". I like Escoffiers 'Fonds Blanc'. It's tasty too.

          2. A carcass will last a long time.

            It's not like bones really, um, spoil.