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Jan 10, 2013 03:27 PM

lamb tongue

I am looking to purchase lamb tongue

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    1. re: mugen

      Clearly, we need a like button here.

    2. Chances are you cant find it glatt kosher unless you are ordering it wholesale. (it is available wholesale, sometimes, rarely.) Have never seen it sold retail.
      You can get veal tongue though....

      1. I do not understand the differences between kosher and halal, but I frequent a halal butcher who does sell lamb tongue retail. If you have a local butcher, you might simply ask. I find that often the lesser used cuts are not displayed, but they are available. You might also want to mention where you live - for instance, I know a butcher in the DC area that can get kosher meat. Perhaps lamb tongue too.

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        1. re: ttochow

          Halal is not kosher certified. Different rules governing the slaughter, processing, etc.... (this is without going into the whole different religion aspect.)

          1. re: glattpiggy

            Yeah, I figured they were quite a bit different, even if there seem to be similarities to an outsider like me. I have found, however, that it helps to simply ask one's butcher - mine has helped me many times with stuff like this. In fact, I have a dozen lamb tongues in my freezer right now read to be made into sliders.

            What I like about both Kosher and Halal though, are the rules for the humane treatment and respect for the animals. In my experience, the quality of the meat and the guidance of the butcher are unsurpassed.

        2. i buy a lot of my meat wholesale -never seen lamb tongue, but now i'm intrigued.

            1. re: Moishefrompardes

              I was going to suggest emailing Grow and Behold and seeing if you could buy one from them. They must have kosher lamb tongues from the lambs they sell. But if moishe says there is no hope I wouldn't expect a positive outcome, still an email can't hurt.

              1. re: avitrek

                i get all of them i pay through the nose, neither me or naf profit from the deal. but we do it for the love. the problem is removin the nerves from a lamb tongue is extremely diificult & the menakers that can pull it of are few & far in todays ribeye/burger only culture. so its not something anyone is really willing to do

                1. re: Moishefrompardes

                  Perhaps that is all the more reason to encourage people to ask their butchers about carrying other cuts of meat. Retailers aren't going to carry something they think won't sell and eventually customers won't ask because they think it isn't available or become conditioned to simply buy certain things.

                  1. re: CloggieGirl

                    your misunderstanding me, my guess is that thats my fault. If they were to retail lambs tongue it would be like 20dollars per 3oz tongue. I only get the small amount i do because the guy running the shechita is my close personal friend, im one of his main customers & im crazy enough to keep pestering him till i get my stuff. anotomically the removal of the nerves is close to impossible, its nerve racking work for someone experienced, & the bulk of guys working in this field dont have the experience, so you wont see them on the market likely. i hope that makes better sense.

              2. re: Moishefrompardes

                Oh, good, Another excuse to have dinner at Pardes. I love the beef cheek pizza and the beef heart, I'll watch for lamb tongue next time I'm there.

                Seriously "varietal" meets used ot be old-fashioned thriftiness (labor was cheaper than meat) Now, they are an indulgence of the well-heeled foodie. It's not impossible to imagine that lamb tongue could be offered at Pomegranate or Prime Butcher if the upper 1% continue to seek novel food experiences.

                Athough, if I were an upscale butcher or caterer with an eye toward publicity, I might sell Rocky Mountain oysters for Super Bowl parties.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  I found lamb tongue at Glatt Mart in Brooklyn a couple of years ago around Rosh Hashana time, when I was looking for the head. They were sold in packs of three because they were so small. I'm not sure if they have them at other times as i dont recall seeing them, but I have not been there in a while as I schlep to Seasons and Arons Kissena Farms for my meat now.

                  1. re: AdinaA

                    a wise man once said to me, way back in my treif days(he was my best customer)," the truth is, there are 10 foodies in philadelphia, the other 1990 you meet just want to eat the same slider or fried calamari salad in a different expensive seat than the one they were in last week." you can extrapolate from there. Kosher offal is so prohibitavely expensive to produce(unlike treif, in treif the draw is making $ out of tasty garbage, in kosher its just etting to do it), & the average consumer is so unlikely to want it, you are unlikely to ever see it in a country with this much abundance of cheap, suspiciously available ground beef. its cheaper to throw the guts in the garbage.