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Jan 10, 2013 02:56 PM

Great dinner eats for singles in Maui?

Hey all,

I'm trying to plan a trip to Maui in the next week or so. I'll be traveling solo for five days, likely staying near Lahaina/Ka'anapali (as this seems more active than South Maui/Wailea for someone traveling alone - but please correct me if I am wrong?!?), as well as a night in Hana, and likely one in Kapalua. I'll have car, so can travel, but main concern is finding great restaurants where I can feel comfortable eating dinner alone (e.g., at a nice bar, perhaps).

I hope I'm not reinventing the wheel by asking for help on this one, but my quick search turned up fruitless.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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  1. Are you not comfortable with sitting solo at a table? I think most of the restaurants recommended, especially those associated with hotels, would be happy to serve a single diner. My experience with solo business travel is that if one arrives at a time earlier or later than the rush crowd, the service and the location of the table provided is much superior. On Oahu, the trend is for tourists to eat late (say starting at 7:30 pm) and for locals to eat early. I suspect it might be the same on Maui.

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      Not necessary uncomfortable sitting solo at a table, though I enjoy the communal aspect of bar seating, in that I like being able to chat with other diners and meet new people.

      I suspect that you are correct that hotel restaurants will be my best bet, though I had been hoping to enjoy some of the more "local" restaurants...

    2. 2 places come to mind based on my experience:

      Cafe O'Lei on a recommendation from some locals - Great local restaurant with a kitchy little bar that would work well for solo dining. They have amazing uni (probably the best I've ever had, including in Santa Barbara and all the best sushi spots in LA) and to-die-for mahi-mahi.

      Maui Tacos - A fast-food joint on the recommendation of some executive chefs associated with the hotel we stayed at. Amazing tacos and salsas, especially the avacoda one which spice just lingers and lingers and gets hotter and hotter after you've already swallowed.

      There are other great places that I could recommend but not so much for solo dining. Other places that I have not yet tried (and thus unsure about solo dining) but have heard great things - Mama's Fish House and Nick's Fishmarket.

      1. This may be too late, but Merrimans at the bar in Kapalua is great! also search my post from last year on bar dining in South Maui.