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Jan 10, 2013 02:27 PM

B-R-G-R or Blanc? [Kansas City]

OK, so I want to try one of the trendy burger places in Kansas City. Which is better ... B-R-G-R or Blanc?

Yes, yes, I know about the great burgers in dives (Flea Market, etc.) but I haven't tried either place yet for a burger since moving back to town and want to do that. Your recs welcomed.

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  1. well then give them both a try and let us know. I like both for different reasons.

    1. I've been to Blanc in Leawood, twice. I haven't been to BRGR.

      I can't complain with the quality of food I've had at Blanc. Everything seemed very fresh and well prepared. The sweet potato fries were particularly crispy.

      Compared to premium burger joints I've been elsewhere, I think their burgers are on the small side.

      1. i also like both. i guess we tend to go to BRGR more b/c we're a family of 5 and it may be a tad cheaper. but i've alway enjoyed meals at both. i think burger to burger...blanc may have a small edge. so if you're going for the actual burger....blanc. inside out burger is amazing.

        1. Premium burgers... pleeeeeze. Do yourself a favor and get to Town Topic dude. Preferably the Broadway location. You can thank me later.

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            Pleeeeeze, I know all about Town Topic and other places like it. Want something different.

          2. I liked them both, the

            I liked Blanc's Westport location, never been to the Plaza location. Also enjoyed the 'inside out' very much along with an adult milkshake and nice sweet potato fries.

            At B-R-G-R I like the Juicy Lucy best.

            I will be hitting one of them when I am up to KC this coming weekend for the KCBS annual banquet and meetings.