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Jan 10, 2013 02:17 PM

Interview with Trey Foshee

Though ya'll might be interested in this cool little video interview with Trey Foshee of George's in La Jolla. Entitled "San Diego on a Plate" he explains his philosophy and approach to crafting a menu to fit the local environment and lifestyle

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    1. Wow, Tom Chino actually lets Trey film and take photos at the vegetable stand.

      1. I got to speak with Trey at Georges last week, if I recall correctly he said the Georges team actually handled that production themselves, which I thought was really cool for such a great video. I hope they'll do more.

        1. Trey is relaxed yet thoroughly brilliant, and speaks well for what he is doing. This is a very enjoyable video.

          1. It's very popular on this board to bash the food in SD and say it isn't very good, has no value and better versions can *easily* be found in other places (i.e. NYC, Chi, LV, LA, SF, Berlin) (And yes, I am as guilty of this as anyone else)

            But what I really liked about this video was that Trey took some time to try and identify what food and ingredients are in SD and the process he goes through in developing a dish that he thinks refelcts the local area. I would hazard a guess that his fellow chefs in Cooks Confab use a similar process. It just takes a few to get the ball rolling...