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Jan 10, 2013 02:13 PM

Whiskey, anyone?

First, I realize it is entirely futile to find anything of quality or up to high standards in San Diego. I know I'm an idiot because I enjoy meals as restaurants that are nothing but cafeteria food, and my achingly low standards indicate my complete inferiority to the elite chowhounds.

And, just to prove it, I'll tell you I know nothng of fine whiskey.

Thus, my plea. A very good friend enjoys a fine whiskey called Hibiki- it's Japanese, and my friend enjoys it enough that it rarely remains in the cupboard.

I'm interested in buying something similar as a gift for my friend- similar quality and style, but not the same stuff.

If it helps, I promise not to besmirch the content by sampling it myself- it would, after all, be wasted on my SuperSergio palate.

Are there any whiskeyphiles here that might make a suggestion?

To their great credit, BevMo in MV freely admitted to being clueless about this.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. V

    It's mail order (shrug), couldn't find a local outlet in San Diego.

    NSS! I gave up too soon. You can buy it from a Quality Liquours shop in San Diego:

    1. This is not intended to be a joke answer, really.

      Eureka Burger, your most recent addition to San Diego's proliferation of upscale burger joints (at the revamped UTC mall, roughly between the new Arclight Cinema and Macy's in the old Miami Grill footprint), claims to have an extensive whiskey and craft beer list. They'd have a hard time standing out on the latter in San Diego at large, though that part of town is desperately void of places with nice beer lists. You should give them a call and see if they carry Hibiki, though - it is worth a shot.

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      1. re: RB Hound

        Eureka does not carry Japanese Whiskey, only American.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          And a little research indicates that my suggestion is akin to suggesting that somebody find a $100 bottle of wine at an Olive Garden.

      2. Your best bet (not to add anymore to your, ahem, inferiority complex) is to try a couple of shops up in LA.

        KL Wines (in Hollywood) and Wally's (in Westwood) both carry a wide selection of foreign whiskeys, incl. Japanese imports by Suntory.

        If they do not have Hibiki in stock, they can most likely order it for you.

        Good luck.

          1. re: Beach Chick

            'hard to find Hibiki and just as good is Yamazaki and that should be available at BevMo stores or the Wine Bank in downtown San Diego'

          2. First my disclaimer, I am not a professional whiskey sniffer, swisher or sipper. I did notice, during the holidays, that Costco at Morena had a good selection of interesting hard liquors including whifskey and I believe they are still on display. It may be worth a drive by or call.

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            1. re: cstr

              Coincidentally enough, I was checking these out when there on Saturday. I'm pretty sure that Costco's selection of spirits is mostly limited to those NAFTA produced.