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Jan 10, 2013 01:59 PM

best view w decent seafood in the south bay?

My parents are in town and want to have dinner overlooking the water. My dad would like a fisherman's platter (preferably fried, which is v hard to find in LA supprisingly!) and I want to make the man happy :) any suggestions? Sofar, I've come up with Tony P's, Strandhouse (though a bit to "fancy pants" for them, dont really see them wanting anything with a foam or gelee) or somewher in redondo like chart house. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  1. The Redondo Beach Chart House does have a wonderful view. The food is ok but they don't serve fried fish. They do serve a mixed seafood grill.

    Joe's Crab Shack does have a view of Redondo Harbor and fried fish platters too but the food is very very chain restaurant like.

    I do like Fish Bar in Manhattan Beach but there is no Ocean View.

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      fishbar is my favorite! but no view :( looked at charthouse, view looks amazing, may go there.

    2. It is very old school, but Admiral Risty in RPV might fit the bill. Has a beautiful view of the Pacific and I love their halibut with almonds. They have a few fried seafood dishes as well

      1. something like captain kidd's?

        maybe drive north past the getty villa. malibu seafood has a covered patio where lots of families set up a picnic. byob.

        1. Old Tony's on the Redondo Beach Pier has a great view and decent food as long you stick to the simple stuff. They have a combo fried platter (don't know if that would work). I haven't had it but the fried oysters are very good. I also love their fried cheese. It's definitely old school. Have a drink upstairs first for an even better view and often live music on weekends.

          The view at charthouse is a little better and atmosphere is much fancier. In the same vein is Kincaid's on the pier. Again, fancy seafood, fancy setting, nice view. Food is more modern at both Kincaid's and charthouse but not really any better. Not sure if they have a fried seafood platter.

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            Second the motion on Old Tony's - there is no better view, and the food is good as long as you want old school seafood.

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              Wish I had seen these earlier! Went to tony p's per bf recommendation. All was mediocre. Chart house was too expensive for such poor reviews. Thanks for all the suggestions though!

          2. Sir Winston's @ the Queen Mary perhaps?