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Jan 10, 2013 01:56 PM

Sunday breakfast north of Boston...

Special company coming this weekend. Would love to take him out for a wonderful breakfast. Anywhere on the northshore; I'm in the Danvers area, but out to Cape Ann or Newburyport or Haverhill would be okay too.

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  1. Wenham Tea House can't be beat. They recently (about a year ago?) reopened under new management.

    I have yet to find better pancakes in the Boston area (and I eat many pancakes).

    1. Depot Diner on 1A in Beverly is very popular. Not a foodie type place, but a great breakfast spot.

      1. Sugar Magnolia's in Gloucester is really good, you'll experience lines on the week-ends. Also, for a good comfort breakfast, Century House in Danvers is good and very reasonable. It's not noisey, so you can sit and catch up on life. Also, Mt Vernon in Somerville offers a Sunday Brunch as well as regular breakfast.

        1. might want to do a search/check out Five Corners Kitchen in Marblehead. I don't have personal experience, by Opinionatedchef and others have raved about it.

          I live really near the Mount Vernon in Somerville and love it for all kinds of neighborhood reasons, but this would not be the place to take special guests, in my opinion.

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            YES! Five Corners has so many things going for it:
            beautiful food (really luscious eggs benedict w/ house cured meats, some lovely unusual French pastries) ; light- filled open airy inviting space, friendly efficient service, exc bar (blueberry basil spritzers), easy parking. And it's located in the middle of what may be our state's most charming historic town,harbor and sailboats and all. Superb for an after- brunch walk or drive-around!

          2. I've only been to Mildred's in Lynn (45 Lewis Street) once but we LOVED it. Really interesting selection of breakfast choices and a fantastic array of tea choices. It's small and there will probably be a wait, but it's worth it.