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Jan 10, 2013 01:28 PM

Whole Roasted Chicken Takeout (NOT Portuguese!) in Toronto

Hi Guys,

Long time chowhounder here, but never posted a question.

I know where to get my Churrasco fix already, so I won't ask about that.

I'm looking for other tasty, whole roasted chicken for takeout, as the title says. It could be rotisserie, could be charcoal grill, could be flattened, deboned, boned.... it just has to taste good and be available for takeout.

Any suggestions?

In Brossard, a suburb of Montreal, there's a FANTASTIC grilled whole chicken for takeout from Papa's, an Afghani butcher shop that has a food counter as well. The chicken is as good as good Churrasco, but has an entirely different flavour, obviously.

I'm looking for something like that here in Toronto. Doesn't have to be Middle Eastern, it could be from any region in the world so long as it's tasty.

Any suggestions? I don't want to eat Churrasco so often that I get bored of the taste.



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  1. I love the chinese soy chicken at Gold Stone with onion ginger

    Hadley's makes amazing smoked chicken

    In my suit of armour now, I always loved the half bbq'd chicken at the Atrium on Bay location of Pickle Barrel - yea I know - but that location only - rocked some perfect bbq chicken. Been about a year for me but its probably still good.

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      Gold Stone's chicken was moist and tasty! Not strongly seasoned, but tasty nonetheless - not bland. And I'm of West Indian background, so I like my seasonings....

    2. I guess there is also Chickery or something like that - never been

      1. If you're craving a whole Afghani grilled chicken - there's an Afghani butcher shop on the Northwest corner of Albion and Islington. I can't remember the name - but they have a takeout counter inside as well.

        Haven't been in a couple years, but it was decent from what I remember. Worth checking out if you happen to be nearby.

        1. While it's not whole, tandoori chicken might be another relatively healthy alternative.

          Not sure if any Peruvian chicken places are operating in TO.

          1. Raby's on Overlea makes delish charcoal grilled chicken.

            Fresh & Wild at King/Spadina makes awesome whole chili garlic chicken. But you have to pop it in the oven yourself at home (so easy though and cooks quick as it's butterflied).

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            1. re: magic

              While I haven't tried the Fresh & Wild raw chicken you describe, I have enjoyed their meatballs you can pop in the oven. Reason for the post though, is to add a big BEWARE of their cooked rotisserie chickens as in my multiple experiences there are few worse - absolutely devoid of flavour. I think I once posted that I think they wash the chickens after they are cooked to make sure no flavour remains!

              1. re: justsayn

                The cook at home bird I had twice was pretty rad. Never had their cooked rotisserie chicken...

              2. re: magic

                I haven't been to Raby's since they stopped serving Indian and Pakistani food. That pissed me off.

                If you say it's good, I may have to check them out. We were going there once a week last year.

                1. re: pakmode

                  Seriously! Beau and I had a couple of terrific, even if they were delivery, meals from Raby's and now they don't do that?!?!? What's their slogan? "We do one thing well, but you can't have that."

                  1. re: pakmode

                    Yeah, Raby's' menu looks like something exploded, it can get quite confusing. All I know is I had a pretty sweet grilled chicken there. "Peri-Peri" they call it. Shawarma was damn good too.

                    And they sure did still have Indian/Pakistani menu items. They just also have 100 or so other totally random items as well.

                    But the quality still seemed pretty good last week.... :)

                      1. re: magic

                        We tried Raby's just before Christmas and got a half Peri-Peri chicken. It was inedibly dry and skin was beyond burnt! That was the only thing we tried for takeout and it was a serious disappointment. I find most supermarket chickens dried out, but this was even worse.

                        We were at Chick-Felay's in Brampton for an event and enjoyed their version of Peri-Peri much better.

                        It's been a while, but I also liked the smoked chicken at Stockyards.

                        1. re: mobirose

                          Hmm, well that sucks. The opposite of my experience.