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Jan 10, 2013 12:50 PM

Zion Market Moving

Ran a search and didn't find anything pertinent, but Zion Market is opening a new location at what once was the Sears Essentials building at the corner of Convoy and Clairemont Mesa Blvd next to Kearny Mesa Bowl. This is a huge building with an enormous parking lot so the headache of dealing with the current location will be over. Hopefully they'll open with some restaurants inside a la Ranch 99. In other news, North Park Produce in Clairemont at the corner of Balboa and Clairemont Dr is STILL not open after remodeling for, now, untold months.

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  1. Pre H-Mart I could understand this move but from talking to numerous people we know who have businesses along convoy and had shopped there before, they said what we noticed that Zion lost A LOT of business to H-Mart. The same goes for 99 as they had recently remodeled and they still have less people there. I think 99 and Zion had these ideas too late, if they did this before H-mart opened up, they might not of have even opened up.

    1. Technically the prices at Zion are cheaper than H-Mart, but if you live closer to H-Mart, it probably doesn't make up for the gas cost.

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        They are cheaper normally but H-Mart intelligently features a few items every week at extreme discounts solely to bring people there to shop and it was evidenced when I saw people going specifically to 4 veggie/fruit items at 25-40% of the cost of those same items at Pancho Villa, and then proceeding to sample fresh snails and Seabass, and buying them.

      2. Hope they are successful. Ranch 99 can be a traffic nightmare when busy also so if Zion can move into that building with such a big lot parking won't be an issue.

        That is tons of square footage to fill up in that building though. Something ala 99 with many little shops and restaurants could be interesting.