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Jan 10, 2013 12:36 PM

where to eat in Lisbon-cheap and moderate places


will be going to Lisbon in April and was wondering where to go and what to eat.
My friends and I want to try typical Lisbon food that won't cost the earth
We are all not very fussy apart from one who is vegetarian (can eat fish) and can't eat gluten so if there are any recommendations for that too, that will be great.


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    1. Hi

      some good spots in Lisbon to eat well in a moderate price.

      A Tasquinha do Lagarto - a north of Portugal family from the Minho region serves delicious portuguese traditional dishes. At Saturdays the Oven Roasted Octopus (À Lagareiro) is a must.
      medium price 10€.

      Solar do Kadete - A traditional Lisbon restaurant (Tasca) with excellent little dishes to share (petiscos, our tapas). Have also good grilled fish. Medium price 10€.

      O Pitéu da Graça - Traditional portuguese cuisine near the Graça Viewpoint. Good wines in a moderate price. medium price 15€.


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      1. re: Jojojoli

        Going there next month. I'll piggy-back off of the information in this list as I'm also looking for traditional spots to dine in. Nice of you to include costs as well. Thanks.

      2. thanks Jojojoli

        will check these out :)