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What the best tart filling?

I know that's open question, I got a new tart pan and I dying to try it out but just cant decide. So what is your favorite tart filling? Sweet or Savory, I thought of quiche, lemon curd, chocolate cream, apple/ berries? Anything else?

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      Honest to god, LEMON! was my first reaction too. But the world is your oyster. There are a million savory, wonderful egg variations....and meats. Over the holidays I had a mince tart. Heaven!

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        Oh yes, there's a lot of great ones, but if we're picking our one favorite, mine is always lemon :)

        Hmmm I need to buy a tart pan.

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          Oooh, oyster! Ok, probably not. Start with the lemon...

      2. Anything almond for me. An almond pastry cream or frangipane filling, yum!

        1. Chow has a great chocolate ganache tart recipe that I used every Thanksgiving.

          1. Meyer lemon and blood orange while they're in season! I adore dark chocolate but you can do that any time of year.

            For savory, you can't go wrong with winter greens, caramelized onions, bacon & cheese.

            1. whatever is fresh and in season is what finds its way into my tart pan.

              In the winter, apples and pears and quiches.

              1. I put up sour cherries in season - nothing yummier to me than a sour cherry tart with an almond crumble top

                1. I like all the ones already listed but of course the classic pastry cream topped with fruit tops my list.

                  1. Absolutely buttertarts. Sublime.

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                      Yes, I have to agree - butter tarts for sure. Nothing better. If anyone wants a recipe, just google it. Or, I can send one of mine...................

                      Sublime x two................:)

                    2. Cream cheese base like cheesecake then a curd, any flavor, or apples or pears. Caramel pecan first layer then chocolate ganache. Too many good options.

                      1. I like them all. If you're looking for something easy, Martha Stewart has a recipe for a nut crust that pat into the tart pan rather than rolling. It's the base for her cranberry nut tart. (I never use the gelatin in the cranberries, btw.)



                        If you're wanting to roll a crust out, I like either lemon curd, chocolate ganache (serve w/lots of whipped cream), or the classic fruit on top of creme patissiere.

                          1. My wife made a quiche once with Gruyere and nice salty Virginia ham. I think of it two years later. On the sweet end fresh apricots would be way up there. Pamela Azquith's Fruit Tart cookbook is one of my much used favorite cookbooks.

                            1. Wow, so many good ideas so quickly. Thanks chow Hounds!

                              1. Lime (curd) tart with fresh berries is my favorite...good any time of the year

                                1. i like to do a white balsamic vinegar custard with whatever fruits i have on hand, and then a glaze made from whatever fruit butters i've got on hand... sometimes plum, pear, apricot... depends!

                                  i second that a lemon curd is always a winner as well.

                                  also, second the frangipane notion, which i usually do when peaches or nectarines are good, with a caramel powder (made from caramel and tapioca maltodextrin).

                                  savory, i like doing a ratatouille style filling with a ricotta cheese custardish base, garnished with feta and fresh basil.

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                                    Wow, you really have a well developed palette! Balsamic vinegar custard with fruit sounds delish.

                                    1. re: kjonyou

                                      thanks :-) that custard fruit tart i am required to bring to multiple family functions per year.

                                  2. Treacle Tart. Your tastebuds, if not your waistline, will thank you.


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                                      I never heard of that, thank you. But my waistline will hate you.

                                    2. Thank you Chow Hounds suggestions were all great. I started with a simple lemon curde tart. OMG it was the best! I am hooked now.

                                      I did this one with a pinch of salt

                                      FYI its you can strain out the zest after cooking for a smoother texture. The oils from the zest have been released from the cooking before baking.