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Jan 10, 2013 12:29 PM

Any place good in Garner, NC?

I have to go there on Monday so are there any good places worth checking out that's open on Mondays?

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  1. Larry's Southern Kitchen serves good soul food.

    1. Larry's is good, so is Angie's. Make sure and check the board at Angies for the specials.

      1. I think Captain Stanley's Calabash Seafood is now open on Mondays. They have other options besides fried, but we like the fried seafood so we haven't tried it. Love the hushpuppies!
        Tripps has a location in Garner and we've never had a bad meal there either. Hope this helps. Good luck!

        1. If you like a true dive bar White Oak Grill & Lounge. I will post pictures. We sat at the bar one Saturday, it was delicious, make sure you get some deviled eggs if she made some.

          Capt. Stanley's is a great restaurant for Calabash style restaurant. Tartar sauce, hushpuppies and sweet tea all the way!

          However, if you want upscale, cocktail, great wine list... you will have to drive downtown to Raleigh. Which is extremely close to Garner. Another random fact, not answering your question, my favorite Indian restaurant is Royal India in Raleigh, I asked my husband how the food was in India, he said, "not as good as Royal India."

          1. I ended up needing to be there for only an hour so I headed home without eating. But thank you all for your responses. I will refer back to this thread if I'm in Garner again.