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Great Anthony Bourdain Interview

First off very low budget ...The Nerdest Channel rocks IMO. Smart people talking about smart stuff...or maybe really eclectic nerdy stuff ...but look what web page your on:) . In this case food.

StarTalk hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Join Neil as he sits down with Anthony Bourdain and discusses food, cooking, and science.


if my link does not work just go to the Nerdest or You Tube

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    1. This is soooo cool. Brings two of my favorite worlds together: science and food.

      1. This was a lot of fun - thanks!

        1. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed this.

            1. I remember when 60 Minutes did a piece on a much younger Neil deGrasse Tyson when he first took the helm @ the Hayden Planetarium and he was an exciting guy with great vision then. I didn't know this program existed. Neil got a great and down to earth interview out of Anthony. Very enjoyable to watch.

              1. Enjoyed this. Two of my favorite television personalities, and they seem to enjoy one another. Tony can be snarky (really!), but he behaved himself well.

                It's good to know that Neil has a radio/youtube program, and we don't have to wait to see him on the Daily Show or elsewhere.

                1. mmmmm... I couldn't finish watching. What in the world was Dr. DeGrasse Tyson thinking when he asked the question about Anthony Bourdain's diet and the diet in Japan, and whether Japanese people would grow tall like Bourdain if their diet was like his? NOOOOO, Dr. DeGrasse Tyson, but I'm sure they would grow tall like Bourdain if their GENES were more like his! <sigh> It's a conversation that had great potential, and Bourdain was trying hard to hold up his end. I just happen to find poorly thought out questions a real put off. It crashed the conversation for me. But they do get an award for having a really ugly (in my opinion) table lamp behind Bourdain. Gee, bad questions and bad decor in the same show.

                  And now you've seen my petty side, folks. Sorry about that, but sorrier they prodded that side of me. I think I'll go mix me a smoothie and see if I can work the kinks out...

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                      I said it was low budget...that may account for the table lamp:)
                      Dr. DeGrasse Tyson is not a foodie so that may account for some of the questions. Still a very smart man and this led me to his other clips non food related which are great.
                      and you are being a bit petty but hey aren't we all:)

                      Much love

                      1. re: chris2269

                        LOl! Yup! You're right, Chris. I was being petty. I'm fairly familiar with Neal DeGrasse Tyson, and find his work and theories on astrophysics to be engaging, erudite, and most of all, fun and challenging. But NONE of that cuts him any slack for asking really dumb questions! '-) I also suspect that later, when he had time to reflect, he probably smacked himself on the forehead and thought, "God, what was I thinking!" I can have those kinds of moments too. I spend a lot of time praying I'll just keep my mouth shut...

                        As for the lamp, low budget is no excuse for bad design! '-)

                        1. re: Caroline1

                          Seriously, you expect good taste in furnishings, from a science show?

                          1. re: Phaedrus

                            You've made me laugh. Really laugh! Thank you for that, and you have a point. Sometimes I just can't seem to shake this idealistic bent I have. '-)