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Jan 10, 2013 12:13 PM

Restaurant for Offal, brain especially, in the Detroit area

I know odd isnt it....

Anyway anyone know a good place that serves offal and brain in the Detroit area? Something like Beef, pork or mutton brains maybe?

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  1. Used to be a great place called Taquería Arandas in Detroit, on Livernois, that had them all on tacos, plus one named with a word I had never heard before. I asked them what it meant, and they said, "a little of everything." Unfortunately, they closed. If you're really up for this I would ask around the taco trucks and smaller places in SW Detroit (¿hay sesos? = are brains available?).

    1. Isn't offal one of the reasons for the Mad Cow outbreak in England years ago? (It could be another kind of offal, I don't have any kind of science degree so I'm not an expert.)

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        Just re-watching the Zimmern Bizarre Foods episode on Detroit. He had brain sandwiches at Al Ajami in Dearborn-- supposedly the area's best. I have no idea as to quality as I've never tried them.