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Jan 10, 2013 11:57 AM

Girlfriend and Parents

Hi all!

I need some help quickly!! I am looking for a place for dinner this Saturday evening where my parents will be meeting my girlfriend for the first time! We are mid-30s, so not two kids with the folks!

I am looking for the following:

-Downtown preferred - W Village, Village, SoHo, Un Sq, NoLiTa, NoHo, etc...
-relaxed atmosphere, quiet enough where my mother with poor hearing will be able to hear conversation, nice ambiance, nothing lux (i.e. no del posto)
- good food - a high priority, any cuisine is ok, but prefer italian, american, seafood, french ok.
- price not too much of a concern - I don't want to go overboard, but since none of us drink but my father, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Any suggestions?

I'd love to do ABC Kitchen, but no tables (of course). Blue Hill - same. I'd do il Buco, but went there with all 3 of them separately in the past month. Would do Babbo, but quality slipped and took g/f there last week. Anything else?



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  1. Ciano
    Union Square Cafe
    Allison Eighteen

    1. Also, I was thinking Perilla - I've never been, but have meant to go a number of times. Any thoughts on whether it sounds like it fits?

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        I like Perilla though the small dining room isn't quiet at all when full.

        You might consider The Marrow which just opened and is owned by the same chef. The food is just as good and the noise level is moderate especially if you are dining early in the evening.

        1. Union Square Cafe. I think it would be perfect and hits all of your criteria. Good luck!