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Jan 10, 2013 11:38 AM

Maui - walking from Four Seasons

Greetings all. Treating ourselves to a few days at the Four Seasons at Wailea. Don't intend to have a car. Sure, can and probably will eat some meals on the resort. But, to the degree possible, want to consider going out. So .... anyone with reasonably recent experiences with anyplace walking distance from the Four Seasons? any meal, any "level" of food, including markets if we want to buy snacks etc.? Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. How far are you willing to walk? The Four Seasons also has another resort on either side (Grand Wailea, Fairmont). If you don't want to eat at another resort, you'll have to walk pretty far, I think. The blocks in this area are long and hilly and filled with golf courses.

    For example, it's probably 30-40 minutes to get UP the hill to Monkeypod Kitchen. It's on a long uphill block.

    The closest general stores are probably Whalers or the ABC Store at the Shops at Wailea, maybe 20 minutes away?

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      Good question, thank you. I think walking 20ish minutes for a meal is no problem. double that, unless it's going to be life-changing, proably not interested. Willing to go to neighboring resorts for good food, but also realize they'll be as pricey as 4S. Dropping all my cash at 4S so food, as long as it's good, is one way to economize just a little.

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        Your cheaper & non-resort options are going to be very, very limited if Monkeypod Kitchen is too far. There's also a wine/cheese shop in the same plaza, as well as Pita Paradise.

        There's only 5 places to eat at the Shops at Wailea. Cheeseburger Island Style, KAI Wailea, Longhi’s, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar.

        The other non-hotel restaurants in the area: Mulligans on the Blue, Gannon's (which is at a golf course I think), Joe's (at a tennis club). The latter two are pretty pricey.

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        Monkeypod menu looks nice. Just mapped the walk to Monkeypod and the distance doesn't look like a problem; i guess the grade of the Hill is the issue. 4S provides a little shuttle service in Wailea so perhaps get a lift there, walk back to burn some calories!

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          My husband and I also tried Amasia at the Grand Wailea on our trip about a week ago. Our meal was OK with definite hits and misses, but if you order carefully, you don't have to spend a ton.

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            I can't help you with any spots off the resort proper....but I stayed at The Four Seasons last year and they offered complimentary car service anytime I left the property.....they even gave me a number to call for pick-up service as well.

        2. I don't think the Four Seasons is really walking distance to anything other than resort food. I think the Four Seasons has a shuttle to the little mall in Wailea, but other than that and the resort food, you'll have to take a car.

          1. The only place we found within walking distance out of a resort was the shops at wailea. It's pretty close but the 4S does have a shuttle as well. There's a small store there, Ruth's Chris and Tommy Bahama. I would really suggest getting a car. The taxi from the airport RT is going to cost you just as much amd a lot less flexibility.
            The Fairmont is an easy walk as well.

            1. I agree that just renting a car is simpler, unless 4S has added a new parking charge.

              I'm sure they still offer a shuttle to bring you to the shops. We love a casual meal or snack at Joe's which is a short walk. Lots of other great suggestions here. We liked casual menu items on a past stay at Mele at the Marriott - walk the ocean path. Always enjoy a morning stroll to Kea Lani to their small gourmet shop for sandwiches or yogurt or pastry or etc for a poolside snack. I've gone there often for a nice crusty roll to make a sandwich from leftover dinner. Every visit usually includes a meal at the bar at Nicks.

              So yes, between the shops, whaler/s and abc store and the gourmet shop at Kea Lani one can easily spend a few days visiting other properties without a car.

              1. It's been almost five years since we've been to Wailea, but we really liked the Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar at the Wailea shops. Good place for apps and drinks.

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