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Help an LA Foodie. What is considered the most renown power-lunch spot in NYC? Not dinner just lunch. Thanks.

Much appreciated any replys.

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  1. Le Bernardin during the week. Per Se on weekends.

    1. What about The Four Seasons. I'm told it's quite the spot for the rich and famous.

      1. Michael's

        (I don't think much business is done at Le B or Per Se.)

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        1. Four seasons in midtown.

          1. Depends on which industry- but if you're talking about media people, it's definitely Michael's.

            1. I should have added that New York is much more of a power breakfast than power lunch spot.For many years the number one power breakfast spot was the Lowe's Regency Hotel. It closed for renovations at the beginning of the month and the owners have moved a lot of the staff to their restaurant Park Avenue Autumn - now called Park Avenue Winter. - and most, of their high -profile customers have followed.

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                More on this in the Post ... http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/break.... Don't touch Larry King's Honey Nut Cheerios!

              2. another vote for the four seasons restaurant. i have been there a few times during lunch and saw a lot of well dressed business people sitting next to the pool.

                  1. Four Seasons Grill Room. For power lunch, it's the grill room, not the pool room. Storied history as a power lunch spot.

                    For a while, Lever House was a big power lunch spot too I think. No idea if that's still the case after it changed to Casa Lever.

                    There's always Cipriani's.

                    Never heard of Michael's, but I trust the posts above.

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                      Michael's is the go to place for the publishing/media moguls.