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Jan 10, 2013 10:49 AM

Where to eat in Mesa, AZ

My girlfriends and I are heading to Mesa's for a couple of weeks in February. We will be making a lot of our meals in but I am a foodie and am looking to experience what this area has to offer. So I am looking for a number of suggestions:
1)some great hole in the wall places
2)a good happy hour place
3)some must eat here places
4)some good markets and what not to pick up our supplies for making our "in" meals (these ladies want to hit
I have looked at all the boards for PHX and found that a lot are out of date so...your recommendations are appreciated

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  1. Mesa has a lot of amazing food if you know where to look.

    One of my favorite new places in north Mesa is Dolce Vita Italian Grocery, connected to their Gelato shop. They have really great imported Italian meats and cheeses and prepare simple, delicious sandwiches and special pasta dishes and desserts. They also have quality Italian imported groceries for your shopping needs.

    A hub of great Asian food and shopping is Mekong Plaza, which has a terrific cheap produce, seafood and meat. They also have about 10 restaurants including some of my favorites. Mekong Plaza Hot Pot is great for affordable shabu shabu style hot pot. Hue Gourmet is awesome central style Vietnamese in the food court area, which is next door to Wholly Grill, a nice Filipino BBQ.

    Among other personal favorites in Mesa is Guru Palace for Indian fare, including a new Southern Indian menu with delicious Dosai(crispy giant pancakes rolled and stuffed with potatoes or other dishes).

    Zur Kate is a solid German option with live German Music(not sure if its just on the weekends). Nearby Zur Kate is also Power Road Farmers Market for some good, cheap produce as well.

    D'Vine wine bar is another option with a cool vibe, good food and live music.

    Hope this helps!

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      I second eating at Dolce Vita Italian Grocery :)
      Great spot for food!

    2. Here are some good places near Mesa, queen creek olive mill has good sandwiches and fantastic oil

      Joes BBQ in Gilbert

      1. Mesa is a bit of a blackhole in terms of good eats.

        A good (sort of) hole in the wall place is China Magic Noodle House in nearby Chandler (about 5 miles south of Mesa, depending where you are in Mesa).

        China Magic Noodle House
        2015 N Dobson Rd
        Chandler, AZ 85224
        (480) 786-8002

        1. I like Los Dos Molinos in Mesa...hole in the wall goodness
          Carolina's behind the airport is divey Mex good but not in Mesa.

          1. What part of Mesa will you be staying in? Mesa is actually very large in area, so you may be close to Gilbert, Tempe or Chandler and we could point you in those directions if applicable, especially appropriate in recommending markets/grocery stores.