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Jan 10, 2013 10:44 AM

N.O 4 nights dinner advice please

We will be in NO of 4 nights in early April (Fri-Mon). Looking for 4 great meals.Want to be sure we are not eating in the same kind of place or the same type of menu each night. Hate to say price is no object as it always is but we are on vacation so...Will be staying in French Quarter so would love to walk to dinner but will cab if its worth it. Fancy is ok but so is down and dirty. Husband eats anything but no meat or poultry for me-fish & seafood are great.
So far looking at (in no order): GW Fins, Herbsaint, Boucherie, Couquette,Upperline, R'evolution, Domenica.

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  1. I would recommend GW Fins and Domenica as I ate there and enjoyed on a recent trip. From my trip I would also recommend NOLA or Emeril's. They are all in the French Quarter except for Emiril's which is not far from the FQ - was walking distance for us.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. You don’t need to expand your search much. All the ones you mention are excellent restaurants. I would say that Boucherie is a little more meat-centric so you might not want that. The only thing you are missing is a classic old-New Orleans restaurant like Galatoire’s, Commander’s Palace, Antoines. You may want to throw one of those into the mix or do one of their lunches. Commanders and Antoine’s have great deals at lunch.

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        Would Coquette be a good choice for someone who doesn't eat meat or poultry? The menu suggests that even the fish dishes have meat in them.

        1. re: Phoenix

          They have a very limited menu that changes daily so you never know. Usually they have 4-6 apps and 6-8 entrees. It’s quite good in a beautiful setting with excellent service. In my experience, you can always find a fish/seafood option at any high end restaurant and ask for it prepared without meat if you need to. I would expect to find at least two entrees for you to choose from.

          1. re: shanefink

            Thanks for the quick, and helpful, reply. Maybe we should reconsider Coquette....

            1. re: Phoenix

              I'm not vegetarian/pescetarian, but I have several friends who are and they just love Coquette. They never have trouble finding something delicious. I don't think you'd have any trouble.

        2. re: shanefink

          We had dinner at Antoine's and the service was awful. Food was good but I wouldn't go back.

          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            How odd..Antoine's service has always been excellent..not obtrusive but efficient.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              We sat ten minutes before someone even came to see what we wanted to drink. Service after that was okay but nothing spectacular. We had better service at Emiril's and NOLA, and pretty much everywhere else we went in NO.

        3. Thanks for all the responses. I will look at Nola. Besides Boucherie is there any I should remove as they are too similar to another on the list?