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Jan 10, 2013 10:25 AM

Help needed with one-pan roasted pork and vegetables

I made a sheet-pan roasted chicken parts and veg entree I saw on ATK and liked the results. Carrot, potato, shallot, Brussels sprouts in roughly uniform 1" chunks, tossed with oil and seasoning. Spread on a pan, nestle chicken breast, leg, thigh pieces amongst them, drizzle the chix with melted butter and sprinkle with herbs, then roast at 475 for 45 min.
The temp scared me a little but the results were perfect.

Yesty I bought a manager's special pork shoulder. I would like to make a similar dish but using sweet potato, apple, carrot, plantain, and red onion wedges, tossed in olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar. I am thinking I should cut the pork into 2" chunks and pressure cook it, then add it to the pan of raw veg so that the pork gets crusty as the vegetables roast.

I'd be grateful for some input as to what to season or brine the pork with
before cooking, how long to pressure cook (how thoroughly do I want it to be cooked before it gets oven heat?), and for what temp and how long should the veg and meat be roasted? These are sweeter veg so I am concerned that 475 will burn them before they cook through.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. After many years fiddling with seasonings, I've returned to the "keep it simple" school of thought...

    My first thought would be to keep the shoulder whole then roast it over the veggies on a rack (v-rack, if you have one, or resting on a coil of tinfoil.

    Your idea would work, too -- but I think I'd leave the balsamic out until the last few minutes (added more as a garnish or condiment) -- only because at 475 it's going to caramelize pretty fast.

    For chunks in the pressure cooker, I'd keep it simple, S&P, and maybe some thyme....

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    1. re: sunshine842

      I should have explained that I want to take the shoulder apart because I cook for one and prefer freezing 6 pounds uncooked, for different future uses, than making 9 pounds of the same dish.

      I *know* I can't use 475 for this group of ingredients - that's why I asked for suggested times and temps.

      I will probably use vadouvan on the pork, but not on the vegetable chunks.

      1. re: greygarious

        Ah, okay. Changes a little, but not too much.

        If you wanted to use a big chunk (a pound or two) -- then my suggestion of the rack still holds. I'd go 350-375 for 45 min to an hour, or until it reaches whatever temperature you deem as safe/done. I'd still hold off on the balsamic until the last few burns at the drop of a hat.

        But in the pressure cooker would work awesome, too -- the only issue there is coordinating the cooking times so your pork isn't overcooked before the vegetables are done.

    2. This may not be the answer that you need. We often roast pork shoulder to be served as pulled pork in sandwiches. The bone-in pork shoulder weighs between 7.5 and 9 pounds.

      The pork is roasted at a lower temperature of 275 degrees in a covered roasting pan on a rack. No other ingredients are included. The roasting in the oven goes for about 6 or 7 hours. The meat always, yes always, is very tender and fully cooked. No meat thermometer is used.

      The other ingredients could be cooked separately and combined with the pork for a half hour or so before serving so that the flavors blend.

      1. I use a maple and apple cider brine (added to water, salt, sugar, a mix of herbs and garlic) and I'd add apples to the pan vegetables myself. I don't use a pressure cooker so I have no ideas there.