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Jan 10, 2013 09:53 AM

Best Japanese on UWS?

Hi all -

Looking for a recommendation for Japanese on the UWS for 2 people for tonight. Anywhere between Columbus Circle and Columbus University. One of us will eat sushi/sashimi and the other will eat a variety of cooked dishes including tempura. Obviously, good food is a starting point, but I would like it to have a nice atmosphere and reasonable noise level so we can talk (and if anything feels more authentically Japanese that would be a special plus for my guest). We will be eating early (around 6:30) if that affects recommendations because of noise level and availability.

Goal is to find something that feels special within the limitations of Japanese on the UWS.

Thanks for any thoughts!!

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  1. Masa is the best on the UWS. After that there is no good sushi that I know of there. WIth the fear of Silverjay, throwing chopsticks at me, Sushi of Gari would be the second best sushi on UWS. :: ducking:: I also guess, Blue Ribbon would be considered UWS, and Nobu on 57th St. any of those will suit your needs.

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      Thanks, Foodwhisperer, for your thoughts. Masa is out of my league for tonight. I hate the seating in Sushi of Gari and have never had any cooked food there so wasn't really considering it. I was hoping for more of a neighborhood kind of place but if I don't get any other suggestions, I guess either Blue Ribbon or Nobu could work. Thanks again.

      1. re: Almondine

        Blue ribbon cooked and sushi is good. The atmosphere is "special". The cooked food is very good. Nobu 57 has good quality sushi, with good cooked food. The King Crab tempura is my favorite cooked dish they have.

    2. the Blue Ribbon option is the only thing that's passable and suits your criteria...the UWS has generally terrible food and can't even manage a single decent Chinese restaurant, let alone a top Japanese one should be forced to eat there...

      My advice: avail yourself of a taxi cab and eat great Japanese in a different neighborhood...imo perhaps the best feature of NYC restaurant world is that everything is so concentrated and easily accessible (especially compared to sprawling cities like LA, Bangkok, Shanghai, etc)...