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Jan 10, 2013 09:01 AM

Caterer in Laurentiens

I'm planning a wedding in the Laurentiens this summer and am looking for a caterer. Preferably one who uses local ingredients. Any suggestions?

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  1. (I assume you mean The Laurentides, north-ish of Montreal)
    As quick google returns SeB which is often cited here as a a good restaurant (up north in Mont-Tremblant).

    You could also check for caterers in Montreal and Laval, good ones might also do catering in the Laurentides.


    1. Years ago Auberge Du Lac Morency catered an event for an aunt of mine. Very nice job, they did.

      1. Les Zebres in Val David. Speak to Yan, Michel or Jason. They are the owners. I highly recommend them! They specialize in local ingredients. You can check them out as well as their weekly menu on their website.

        1. Les garçons poêlés in Tremblant , I used them to cook for us certain nights in our rented home, the food was excellent, they can do what you want.