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Jan 10, 2013 08:43 AM

Casual fun meal/evening in YYC

I have my standards that I eat every time I am in Calgary, reflecting what I cannot get at home. These are thai food (usually Khao San Thai) and Famoso pizza, sometimes a visit to Muku ramen is in order too.

This weekend we are eating out with fellow foodies who are visiting from Edmonton and we would like to go somewhere else. I would like to keep the cost down (post holidays and all). Max 25$ entrees. Guests don't eat meat/pork. After perusing some posts I am thinking Blue Star Diner or Charcut would be good options. Any other thoughts? Central location would be best.

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  1. PS I love a great pasta, but it needs to be REALLY good because I make a lot of them at home.

    We had dessert at Cibo last time we were in town, and it was really good. The place seemed like a pretty huge hipster hang out, but the rest of the menu looks good. Any thoughts on it or maybe Borgo?

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      I like Cibo and Borgo. Borgo a bit more on the spiffy side and pricier though.
      Charcut is definitely for meat lovers only I would say!

      How about District Tavern?

      My current favorite is Notable. Though not downtown and not really cheap.

      1. re: josey124

        couldn't find a menu on line with District, had to call, they have beef or pork on pretty much everything. LOL. PS, who doesn't have an online menu these days?

        charcut actually has a fair amount of chicken on their menu which is totally fine. I looked at Borgo too, not much for pasta, which is what I would be going for.

        Notable does look great, but yes, a little out of the price zone.

        How is Farm these days? I have not been there.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Not sure what you meant with "meat/pork". I thought they eat no meat at all (incl. poultry).

          District doesn't have a menu there either. Not a real one anyways. They have chalkboards on the wall only. So you need to walk around and look. They say it changes very often and that's why they don't post/print any.

          Never been to Farm.

          1. re: josey124

            sorry, meat = beef in my head LOL!!

    2. How about
      Taste - Small plates / Wine / Cocktails

      Anju - Korean tapas

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      1. re: cancowboy

        those look yummy, but my SO is kinda anti tapas!

      2. How about
        Carino - Japanese/Italian fusion

        New and they have gotten a lot of good reviews

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        1. re: cancowboy

          Looks very interesting. Will add that to the list.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Thanks everyone, wound up at Cibo. Really nice meal, prices are very reasonable. Unfortunately it was very loud so we left afterwards to have a quiet drink at Vin Room (which has a better wine list anyway).

            Really want to go to Carino next time though.