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Jan 10, 2013 07:46 AM

Dine Out Vancouver 2013

I don't go much but thought I'd give Wildebeest a whirl this year. Anyone else booked in anywhere?

Menu here looks interesting but I know nothing about it (Yucatecan in Yaletown!)

L'Abbatoir's menu looks good (mmm, steak tartare).

Il Giardino's also in there if anyone wants a final go at it.

NOSH has a listing but I went by there yesterday and they don't appear to be open yet -- guess they are planning to be ready.

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  1. This year, I'm planning to hit Minami and Diva for sure. Possibly Wildebeest too. I also want to do some FeastVan-ing, so I'm trying to keep it open.

    1. I was wondering when this topic was going to be brought up. I have a reso at both L'Abbatoir and Fraiche. Oru/Fairmont Pacific Rim, Minami and Diva looked good too.

      1. FYI I checked and there is a big sign on Nosh that says Grand Opening Saturday January 16. The number was papered over so I suspect that it was originally the 12th, since the 16th is a Tuesday :-).

        1. i don't really understand "dine out vcvr" concept - i assume it is (or was) intended to boost numbers during the dreary quiet winter season - so you go to the website ... find your fav spot and check out the set menu and proceed accordingly ...

          is it worth it at the sale price (set price)?

          would you dine as a NORMAL full price guest (ie not at a discount) at those same places during this sale price period?

          or are they overburdened by those who want the discounted
          meal plan - kind of like shopping on boxing day or black friday?

          i am interested in hearing your experiences re this promo

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          1. re: Georgia Strait

            "are they overburdened by those who want the discounted
            meal plan - kind of like shopping on boxing day or black friday?"

            Yes and that's why many like m'self have said Never Again.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Like Sam, I stay away. I used to venture out years ago but had too many disappointing experiences.

              My birthday is at the end of January so I have to choose from those restaurants that don't participate if I want a nice meal out, every single year. It sucks.

              1. re: Anne M

                I kinda felt that way too until I had a couple of good experiences during Dine Out ordering off the regular menu. Wildebeest is offering a bunch of stuff from theirs that I really want to try. It will be interesting as well to try a place that has never participated in DOV before (I guess they weren't open this time last year?). But for sure I would only go to a place that had at least some of its regular offerings available. I think it is too hard to stay within the $ parameters and still showcase what a place is doing best.

                As for whether it's worth the prix fixe, that depends on a bunch of things. I typically don't order dessert so the savings lessen. Plus I like more choice than is usually offered. And it really varies from resto to resto. Some places seem to use cheaper proteins to stay within budget, others treat it as a chance to show what they can do, a loss leader if you will.