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Jan 10, 2013 07:46 AM

I've moved to Don Mills & Lawrence and I can't find anything OR For Wylie1

I went through it when I moved from Cabbage/Corktown to East York. I understand. I'll have to give this some more thought. For now I'd say give Valley Fields a shot at providing breakfast. Skip dinner there until they gain your confidence. Try Congee Queen for Chinese. Beau and I are regulars at High Street Fish & Chips. Get a side of gravy for the fries if you don't like typical British style fries. You're kinda beat on good Italian, burgers, and don't get me started on the state of pizza out here. You'll have to return to the old hood for those. You're now closer to Zen for Japanese which, when compared to Hashimoto right by you, is downright affordable. It may not compare to Jerusalem's in selection or decor (they're really casual out here. I mean really, REALLY casual) but Armenian Kitchen may satisfy your kebab cravings. There are a million Middle Eastern places along Lawrence starting at Victoria Park, but this one is my sit-down go-to. Stay on the Lawrence bus for seafood at Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill. If you're there for lunch, you can go home with their fresh offerings at their store right next door. There's a good, if unlicensed, Churrasco on Eglinton at Bermondsey called Portugril, but that may be further than the cuisine merits unless you're a huge fan. Oddly, one of the best steaks I've had in a while comes from a little place on Ellesmere just west of Warden called Blackhorn Dining Room. Very 1970's old school and nothing wrong with that at all. Here's another place that, if you go for lunch, you can grab groceries at the Greek butcher next door called kostas Meat Market.

I'll think some more about it, but this should get you started and hopefully others will help. I know I posted for help weeks before I moved. The Hounds really helped a great deal.

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  1. Good summary, Googs.

    I also like Linda for Thai (exp Thai Islamic noodle and the monthly prix fixe), and the coffee, date pastries and bourekas at Aroma at the Shops at Don Mills. McEwan always has some neat items in stock. I haven't dined at Fabbrica , and many Hounds consider it overpriced, but it still might be the best option for flatcrust pizza near Don Mills + Lawrence.

    Island Foods on Don Mills is ok for West Indian food, and the Mr Jerk in the Peanut Plaza (n of Sheppard) isn't too far from Don Mills + Eg.

    1. Hey,
      Thanks so much for your input. Okay I will give Valley one more try for breakfast and they better make my eggs bennie right. lol
      We did go to Congee Queen and we will go back.
      High Street is on my list to try soon.
      I have been to he Blackhorn a few times with family and had drive and it was good.My brother buys his steaks from the butcher next door.Too far for us to go by bus though.
      I have heard about the Armenian Kitchen and may give it a try.
      I have seen all those M.eastern places on Lawrence for Shwarma's and falafel which I love but most look like take out only. Thats about as far east as I'll travel. I grew up at Birchmount and Lawrence and my mother still lives there but really honestly, I loathe Scarberia [can I say that here?] lol
      I did go to Arz last week and bought a pile of good food. One dish was the chicken stir fry at the meat counter which I cooked my self and stuffed in a fresh pita with roasted peppers and hummus.It was delicious. I also found preserved lemons that I've been searching for forever.A lot of their prepared veggies looked great too.
      As far as the spots in Shops at Don Mills, Aroma is great and I tried Joey's but had a bad experience, so bad that i got a $50 card to go back but I hate the noise in there and not much appealed to me on their menu.Forget Glow, I've only heard bad reviews, forget Fabrica, over priced and not that good I've heard first hand. Also the outside of that place turns me right off.There is something very wrong looking about it. His food store is good but I tried his shepherds pie and chicken pot pie and I can do better.I saw some great looking coconut shrimps there but $40 a lb? I don't think so.
      Soon I'll try Linda's and Sorrento's on Don Mills but it sounds hit and miss too.
      Thanks again for taking the time to help me out..
      Much appreciated!

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      1. re: wylie1

        You missed Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill and you shouldn't. Though very casual, the food's worth it. Where else but Scarborough can you wear your ball cap and leather Pennzoil Racing jacket and have a terrific seafood dinner? Now I ask ya? After all, it's just one bus. Its easier to accept where you are than fight it.

        P.S. Go Birchmount High!

        1. re: Googs

          Well thats my problem, I don't own a baseball cap.
          My husband really does not like much seafood which is why I skipped Diana's.
          Birch and Lawr. is as far east as I'll go. Have to draw the line some I mean I live in Don mills. Why am I eating in Scarborough?
          Do you know whats up on York Mills at Don Mills? I recently drove by but it was at night and It seemed there was a strip of places up there.I've tried googling but came up with nothing much.
          Thanks again.

          1. re: wylie1

            Gilaneh and Katsura in the Westin Prince are close to Don Mills and York Mills.

            Mostly subpar chains on the strip on the south side of York Mills, between Leslie and Don Mills. There's a St Louis wings and What a Bagel in the same plaza as Leslie and York Mills Longo's, and a Keg north of York Mills on Leslie, as well as Shirini Sara and Chapman's.

            1. re: prima

              I have dined at Gilaneh a couple of times. Never having had Persian food before, I was pleasantly surprised. The kebabs are a good portion and the flavour quite memorable. Again, not having been to a Persian restaurant before, I can't really compare to others. The decor is quite impressive.

          1. re: prima

            My read of his posts was a 50% rating. One good, one meh, and one bad. I never bothered to go because of that. I trust VVm's value for money tastes.

        2. On the Lawrence of Arabia strip I would suggest Shawarma Empire - Order a couple shawarma or falafel sandwiches - take them home and throw them in the toaster oven or oven for 5 minutes until the pita is nice and crispy.
          The sandwich turns epic at that point.

          Also, I've only been once - but enjoyed the Naan + Kebab restaurant beside Patesserie Royale. It was on Restaurant Takeover and features Afghani cuisine.

          Arz and Diana's Seafood have already been mentioned.

          Further south on Don Mills, I would suggest Bamiyan Kabob on Overlea. It's quickly grown to 5 locations in the GTA for a reason.
          At this point you're close enough to the Danforth to consider going to Danforth Pizza House, Pizzeria Libretto or Mr. Pide.

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          1. re: pakmode

            Where is Naan and Kebab?
            I guess we could make it down to the Danforth,tons of places there,no problem.
            I'll also check out the Overlea suggestions. Thanks very much.

            Edited to add. I just checked out both suggestions and they look good. I'll try the Naan and Kebob,now I know exactly where it is.

            1. re: wylie1

              It's not as good as Bamiyan, mind you. Also, all Afghan places allow you to add on individual skewers. At Bamiyan I would suggest getting one of the chicken kebab dinners and adding on a skewer of kofta kabob, chaplee, etc etc.

              Here's the menu:

              The baklava place beside it (Pattiserie Royale) is also excellent.

              I forgot to add - some people on the board like this Korean place further east on Lawrence BEFORE Warden. It's called Makkal Chon. You will see some write-ups if you search.

              It's beside an Iraqi shawarma place called Al Tanoor. That place is hit or miss. Somedays it's amazing, other days I don't know why they even bother.

              1. re: pakmode

                Really, you're going to have to extend your border to at least Warden. Why are you going to Scarborough when you thought you had escaped? We all come back to our hometown eventually. Or as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Relax.

                The service has improved since this was published, but remains unapologetically small town.

          2. A few more places...

            Makkal Chon on Lawrence near Warden(?) beside PAT for really good Korean food. Family owned, friendly but sometimes slow service, reasonably priced.

            Pho Metro on Lawrence and Warden (again) is the best Vietnamese in the area, IMO. Much better than Pho Saigon and Krispy Roll.

            California Sandwiches on Eglinton and Warden. Not as good as the original, but good enough.

            Not a restaurant, but Galleria supermarket on York Mills and Lawrence is clean and well-stocked. That and Longo's are my usual grocery haunts.

            Casa Manila on York Mills and Don Mills is a good Filipino restaurant with table service (not cafeteria style). The service can be spotty at times but the owners are passionate about making authentic, good-quality Filipino food.

            BierMarkt for mussels and fries and an extensive beer list. I like Beer Bistro more but this'll do in a pinch. It's much nicer than BierMarkt downtown.

            Agree with Bamiyan and Congee Queen. Fabbrica is expensive but good. Their pizzas are excellent but a few dollars more expensive than Libretto. Menu can get boring because its small and they change things up maybe 2x/year. Linda is ok. I find that they're not as consistent as they were before.

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            1. re: ctl98

              In case anyone wants to look a the menu (and what I ate):


              Thought my meal there was good.

              1. re: jlunar

                Thanks for reminding me to try Tagpuan in my own neighbourhood.

            2. Caribbean Palms for roti, jerk chicken in the Flemingdon Park plaza on Don Mills between Eglinton and Overlea...very yummy food, nice decor...worth a try...