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Jan 10, 2013 04:15 AM

"Red rice" - not white rice flavoured with tomatoes but actual red rice - any recipes?

I am soaking some right now for dinner tonight. (Serving with green beans, and chicken thighs marinated in homemade apple butter and spicy smoky chipotles). Any ideas what I should do with the rice?

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  1. bump because I need advice :)

    1. Maybe treat it like other rice, as far as flavorings go. I just did a quick google search for it, found many suggestions.
      Because it is an aromatic rice, with a nutty flavor, I wouldn't do much with it, other than some olive oil or butter, maybe some onion or scallion. But, since you're serving it with something else quite flavorful, I would serve it plain.

      1. Assuming this is Camargue red rice, or similar, then this is the recipe we use.

        1. several recipes for red rice in "Grain Mains" but I don't know if any are available online.

          1. There are several recipes at the bottom of this page: