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"Red rice" - not white rice flavoured with tomatoes but actual red rice - any recipes?

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I am soaking some right now for dinner tonight. (Serving with green beans, and chicken thighs marinated in homemade apple butter and spicy smoky chipotles). Any ideas what I should do with the rice?

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  1. bump because I need advice :)

    1. Maybe treat it like other rice, as far as flavorings go. I just did a quick google search for it, found many suggestions.
      Because it is an aromatic rice, with a nutty flavor, I wouldn't do much with it, other than some olive oil or butter, maybe some onion or scallion. But, since you're serving it with something else quite flavorful, I would serve it plain.

      1. Assuming this is Camargue red rice, or similar, then this is the recipe we use.


        1. several recipes for red rice in "Grain Mains" but I don't know if any are available online.

          1. There are several recipes at the bottom of this page:


            1. Frannie, were there any recipes on the box/bag the rice came in along with instructions for preparing it?


              recipes avail here too.

              1. I use red rice as a substitute in any recipe calling for wild rice, for example pilaf or wild rice salads.

                1. Red rice can be as simple as the brown rice equivalent of some varieties of rice.

                  In Sri Lanka, that's exactly how it is. You can buy white rice or red rice - no brown rice, as in the color brown, exists there. You just cook it like you would other whole grain rice.

                  But you may have something different. What does your package say?