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Jan 10, 2013 01:26 AM

EMP reservation question

I will be visiting New York in March and one of my priorities is dining at EMP. I want to make sure that don't mess up and end up missing out on a reservation! I know that their website states the they take reservations 28 days in advance. I'm unsure of if they are counting the day you can start reserving in the 28 days or not.

If I want to reserve for dinner on March 27th, am I calling/checking OpenTable at 9 AM EST on February 27th or 28th?
When calling, do you automatically get put on hold in a queue or do you have to keep calling until you get through?

Sorry for all the paranoid questions!

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  1. I would definitely recommend calling instead of trying to do it on OpenTable. You will most likely get put on hold but hang in there. And make sure it's at 9AM EST.

    As far as 28 days, it's exactly 4 weeks forward from when you are calling. So if you want to go on a Wednesday, call on the Wednesday morning 4 weeks earlier.

    Hope that helps

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      Thank you! That was very helpful =]

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        Yup, it's four weeks in advance, or 28 days including the current day.

        I would do OpenTable and calling at the same time in case you get a busy signal... That's what one of their reservationists told me to do last year.

        And/or enlist some friends to help.

    2. i never ever had problems w calling them and getting reservations-as long as you do in decent amt of time ahead.

      1. I recently went through this process to get a reservation for later on this month. If you're unsure about which day you should be calling, call and ask them! I did, since the day I technically should have been calling for a res was a Sunday and the reservation line is only open Mon-Sat. They couldn't have been nicer.

        Call at exactly 9 am, and expect that you will automatically be on hold. I waited for about 10 minutes, and when they got to me, they had a 5:30 and a 9:30 available for a party of 2. Also, have your cc at the ready, they're going to take the # in order to secure the reservation.

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          I recently made my reservation via OpenTable for a Tuesday night (correctly hoping that it wouldn't be a popular night). I was a bit more lucky getting a 6:00 resy (6:15 was available too in addition to the 5:30).