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Jan 9, 2013 10:47 PM

upper Tiber valley in May

Hello, San Francisco 'hound here, will be spending 1-2 weeks in Italy in mid-May. A few questions. (Yes, I am aware of the search function. I have used the search function and read its results!)

We'll be at the Tuscany/Umbria/Marche border basically, at San Giustino. Your typical family getaway renting a country house.

Question 1: Are the market days listed on generally trustworthy, as far as folks know? I would love to have an idea of the weekly market schedule for the surrounding area in advance.

2: Any agriturismi or restaurant recommendations in the area? (Sansepolcro, Citta di Castello, etc.) I see a lot of exciting mentions here, over the spine into Le Marche, but that may be too far afield for our party with a kid. (Although 2 of us are leaving via Ancona, so may utilitize those recommendations then.) I don't see anything mentioned yet on chowhound in our near vicinity, although I see a lot on tripadvisor. But I'd rather have info here on chowhound, of course, if there's any to dredge up.

3: In particular on tripadvisor, this place has some interesting and funny reviews: Ristorante da Vasco, Has anyone been there, by chance? They had me at house-made grappa.


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  1. Do you mean the San Giustino north of Citta di Castello?

    As far as market days go, have you asked for information from the folks you have rented the house from? This may be your best source of information.

    1. in Citta di Castello we recently had a wonderful and inexpensive meal at Pappa e Ciccia. It's a tiny place so you must book if you go on a week-end.

      The cook is a woman who has worked all over the world before coming back to her home town.

      They have a Facebook page with some inspiring picture of the food she cooks.

      1. PS. and are the most reliable websites for markets, events, sagre and almost anything that happens in the region

        1. Thanks for the responses.

          San Giustino north of Citta di Castello, and south of Sansepolcro, yes.

          Yes, I've inquired with the owners, but haven't heard back yet.

          Thanks for the rec on Pappa e Ciccia. Sounds great! LIkely we'll have a chance to go mid-week.

          Will update this thread with any info I find, and after the visit. It looks like our schedule might change to accomodate a couple of days in E-R, which will relieve some of the dining pressure in Tuscany/Umbria.