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Jan 9, 2013 10:39 PM

butcher and fish shops in DF

im looking for the best butcher shope in mexico city, im looking for high end good (if possible mexican product) also maybe some game meats
and if anybody knows a goos fish shop with fresh products maybe from baja

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  1. You want to shop at the Mercado San Juan, your one-stop shopping place for gorgeous meats, numerous kinds of wild game, and excellent fish and shellfish--in addition to a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, delicious breads, cheeses, exotica such as escamoles and chapulines, etc. You'll have a blast.


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    1. re: cristina

      Imna big fan of san juan, but m looking for something more like an old school Ny type or freanch type of shop, any idea ?


      1. re: super_al

        If you are looking for "old school" I don't get what your issue is with San Juan, since it was a market neighborhood since before Cortés. For that matter, "old school" NY markets were very much like San Juan with multiple stalls (think the Lexington in Baltimore, for example, or the much more recent Pike Place in Seattle). Your "old school" NY is more likely late 19th early 20th century Eastern European style, which you'll probably not find in DF. As for "old school" French, find a neighborhood tinguis, say, in Condessa.

        1. re: kcward

 'old school' French at a tianguis in Condesa: you are welcome to come shopping with me any Friday at my neighborhood Condesa tianguis. It's not quite the Marché d'Aligre, but hey--there's a butcher who cuts meat to order and the guy in the stall next door who sells really good lard.

    2. Super_al, I haven't a clue. The deal is, I would bet you 50 pesos that any more 'upscale' shop would get its fancy meats from the San Juan and would probably get its fish and shellfish from the wholesale fish market. There are some Kosher places in Polanco, but that's not what you want. As for 'NY type' or 'French type', I think those would be a DF pipe dream.

      Someone else may know more than I, but I think the San Juan is your best bet. One of those great butchers can cut you an entrecôte or a nice flat brisket or French you some lamb chops, or a crown roast of pork, or skin you a rabbit for a hasenpfeffer. And nobody in town will have a Bresse chicken, but IMHO our pollos mexicanos give those French birds a run for their euros.

      If I hear of anything up your alley, I'll post back.


      1. go to la merced, on the pink metro line. it has everything and it is huge.