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Jan 9, 2013 08:09 PM

YEG: Bistro La Persaud, still open..?

Hey Edmonton folks,

Anyone been by La Persaud lately? I've been phoning to try and get a reservation for the last week or so and not getting an answer. Their web site's down, their OpenTable site's down, and their voicemail's full. It doesn't seem really promising, but I thought I'd ask here. If they're not closed, they're doing a pretty good impression of it! :)


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  1. I'm pretty sure they are closed and out of business now. I am holding my wedding at La Cite, and was going to have them cater my reception. Been working w/ them since Oct, then all of sudden in Dec there was no response. I finally got an e-mail last week saying that they were not catering anymore.

    Hope this helps,


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    1. re: richlee111

      Thanks for that, Rich. It's not in my neighbourhood or regular routes, but will try to swing by and see for sure one of these days.

      1. re: milobloom_yxd

        I had to swing by La Cite this afternoon to drop my deposit off. The building mgmt confirmed that La Persaud is now closed. Apparently bad management was the issue I was told.

        BTW, are there any other decent French restaurants in Edmonton? I just moved up 4 months ago from the states and am still getting my foodie bearing:)


        1. re: richlee111

          The Marc has some French dishes that are worth a try.

          I am not disappointed to see Bistro La Persaud close. When I ate there, it was an expensive meal that I didn't enjoy much as all.

          1. re: aasg

            Thanks for the recommendation. I checked out their menu, and their bistro fare is exactly what I'm looking for. Definitely going there soon. Thanks again.

            1. re: aasg

              I second The Marc. Busy little modern bistro, lots of wines by the glass, good service and tasty food. I also like Normand's - they say they are country French with an Alberta twist. Lots of game meats. Very old school French bistro vibe - it's expensive but good for a special occasion.

        2. re: richlee111

          Thanks for the info Rich. I had some mixed meals there and it was never more than a quarter full. Not totally surprised.

          1. re: raidar

            Agreed. Ate there once and thought the food was mediocre and not worth the price. The only reason we were even considering them for catering our reception was b/c of the discount offered by the venue if we went w/ them. But I'm glad they are out of the picture now.

            1. re: richlee111

              So which caterer are you using now? (out of curiosity)

              1. re: anonymoose

                We are pretty certain it will be Culina. Our experience with them so far has been excellent. Their restaurant is in Mill Creek, not to mention the restaurant in the Muttart. They worked w/ us on a customized menu, while all of their ingredients are either organic or locally sourced. It might sound pricey, but they were able to work with our budget to either substitute or suggest or dishes when needed.

                1. re: richlee111

                  I haven't had their food catered before but their restaurant is great. Good choice! Do we all get invites? ;)

        3. Yes, it closed in January 2013, sadly.
          If you really like chef Ryan O'Flynn's cooking at La Persaud, he’s gone to join Calgary’s Laurier Lodge to make more French bistro food as a partner and chef and will be having some more fun with French bistro.