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best mexican food in SFV

sol y luna for awesome mexican food. go there. enjoy... you're welcome

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  1. Address? What makes it the best? Recommendations on dishes? How authentic compared to the ones in San Fernando? You need to post more than just "you're welcome".

    1. there is no good to great Mexican food in the SFV, so do not even try to think you know of a place, SYL included.
      It might be a good place for margaritas, but I could name many places that could achieve the same results.

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        Depends on what you're looking for. If you want down and dirty Mexican food yet full of flavor and authentic there are plenty including:
        Metro Balderas
        Salsa y Beer
        Carrillo's Tortilleria
        Gourmet Tamale Factory

          1. re: mc michael

            3rded for this style of mexican.

          2. re: granadafan

            Another vote for Salsa y Beer. Their carne asade y jalapeƱo is perfection.

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            It's sort of like "good Chinese on the west side" ... ?

            1. re: ipsedixit

              The Mexican food is much better than that.

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              there is plenty of good to great mexican food in the SVF:
              birria apatzingan
              rocio's mole de dioses
              tacos el sauz
              mariscos el teto
              tacos la fonda
              dos arbolitos
              are a few examples. they're just not in sherman oaks.

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                Actually, I think DeliMex on Magnolia, just east of Van Nuys, is pretty delicious. The owner makes everything from scratch and they are some of the best enchiladas I've had in LA. It's a tiny dive that's easy to miss, but the food is amazing!

                Deli Mex
                14446 Magnolia Boulevard
                Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

              2. sol y luna
                19601 Ventura Boulevard Tarzana, CA 91356
                (818) 343-8488

                I had a beef tamale and refried beans. Flan and margarita. Margarita actually had some tequila in it as opposed to watered down stuff I have had at other places. Their chips are hot and fresh, the salsa has a bite. I thought they were much better than anywhere else I have tried. That is just my personal experience. I was simply trying to give others an idea of a place that I found to be much better than any other Mexican restaurant. I will post picture of flan if I can get it loaded on my computer. this place has two 'sister' restaurants in the valley. Melody's and Las Fuentes. both have good write ups on Yelp. I have not gone to either .

                1. If you are looking for genuine Oaxaca food run by folks from that part of Mexico, try Tacos Manzano in North Hollywood. Small and not at all fancy, but absolutely authentic and delicious. Not your standard California "Mexican" stuff.

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                    What's recommended? I usually just get the tacos here cuz they're so cheap...

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                      The classic dish is Tlayudas, which is sometimes loosely referred to as "Mexican pizza."--it is not really. Of course, if you want it with the traditional roasted grasshoppers, I am afraid you will have to go to Oaxaca!

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                        guelagetza has grasshoppers. just need to ask.

                  2. speaking of 'Mexican' food... tomorrow is your last day to get Henry's Tacos out in N Hollywood area( maybe it is Burbank?) they are closing tomorrow at 9 pm for good. Imagine the line will be insane

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                      Henry's Tacos, speaking of a place where the food is underwhelming.
                      Carrillo's on Sherman Way is good food, as are many of the other recs, yet not in the dinner house category, but more the fast food category.

                      1. re: carter

                        I used to love Carillo's, but my last few visits were underwhelming. Chewy meat, cold burritos, etc...

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                        so i went to my barber yesterday and found it that it was right next to henry's. Last day, no line, why not.

                        2 hard tacos, 1 soft taco (which ended up being 2 soft tacos), 1 tostada, 1 order of chili, large orange bang. almost 20 bucks.

                        hard shelled items were okay but I wouldn't say they were better than taco bell/del taco. Most certainly far worse than the glorious hard shell tacos at the now defunct El Taco Llama.

                        But the soft taco and chili WTF. Had 1 bite of each and threw the rest away. Serious waste of food and money.

                        No loss IMHO.

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                          There are other El Taco Llamas not too far away.

                          1. re: Jwsel

                            do you know if they have hard shell al pastor tacos?

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                              I don't know. I've been to the ones in North Hollywood on Sherman Way, on Van Nuys, on Haskell by the 405, and on Balboa/Sherman Way, and all have generally had the same menu, though the quality differs between them. The North Hollywood ones were the best, imo. There also is another in North Hollywood and one at Burbank and Whitsett that I haven't tried

                              I get soft tacos and they always are the same with a selection of meats that you can choose. If they have hard tacos, I doubt they would prevent you from ordering them with al pastor. By the way, the last time I was at the Van Nuys restaurant, it was on a Friday evening and they were cooking pastor outside on a trompo.

                      3. I went to Carrillo's out here in Simi. I believe they are the same owners etc. Tamales were very mediocre. Beans were mediocre. won't go again. I tried Sabroso which used to have awesome food, again was not so great any more.

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                          Sue. I am so sorry. I thought that everyone out here in Simi knew that they are bad. After many greasy meals I finally gave up and went to Mission Burrito on Tapo Street. They are probably not authentic but the food is great.

                          1. re: SIMIHOUND

                            we went to mission burrito and the service was horrible . the food was not too great. the best we found out here is Yolandas. I went to Carrillos after reading reviews on Yelp saying how wonderful they are. I was absolutely craving tamales for the longest time.( no I am not pregnant) Still looking for awesome pork tamales close to me here in Simi.

                            1. re: suelassman

                              Wow! I found Yolandas to be very bland. I have been told that the various places on LA Ave between Erringer and First Street are authentic but I have not checked them out. I am intimidated by restaurants where they speak only spanish.

                              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                                I used to like El Patio. service sucks. last time i was there they were not so great. Service much better at Yolandas. Used to go to Alamo when I lived in newbury park,

                        2. Metro Balderas is the best in my neck of the woods (Northridge). Menu is entirely in Spanish, so you can't say it's not authentic. It is Mexican fast food, but the ambiance is nicer than similar places, which sometimes have cleanliness issues. On weekends they have carnitas, from every part of the pig (uterus, anyone?). Most places boil the carnitas in water, which dries it out. MB is one of the few places that boil it in lard, like you're supposed to.

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                              8507 Reseda Blvd. South of Parthenia, shares a strip mall with the Lasagna Co. Easy to miss, look for the sign that says "antojitos". Bring a dictionary if you don't speak Spanish, especially if you are coming for the carnitas and want to understand all the various piggy parts. People speak English, though.

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                                Check out this blog (not mine) for a translation of the different types of carnitas at Metro Balderas. It's right across the street from the awesome Vallarta Market grocery store. I don't know about you but I'm not too keen on uterus or esophagus carnitas. The most common is maciza (pork butt).


                          1. Hmmmm, no love on this thread for Las Fuentes? When I was working that way, years ago, I thought it was quite good...and - to my gringo lingua - authentico. No?

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                              Las Fuentes and Melody's are still high quality, tasty food. As for authentic, that debate makes me want to tear my own face off. To my way of thinking, Los Angeles Mexican is a valid cuisine and these restaurants do it better than most. Is it authentic Mexican? Don't know, don't care. As a life long Angeleno and Mexican it is what I grew up with, and to me it is authentic. I doubt it was they are serving deep in Mexico, but that doesn't make it an invalid cuisine, IMO.

                            2. Sol Y Luna is owned by the same people who own Las Fuentes (one of my faves that I have been going to since it only had a few tables in the 80s) and Melodie's.