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Jan 9, 2013 07:00 PM

Lost Kasha Recipe

I had a recipe a few years ago for kasha that was baked in a cast-iron pan in the oven, and never simmered on the stove top. It required allowing the groats on the bottom to get a little crusty, and then turning them with a spatula and repeating the process. Has anyone roasted/baked kasha like this? Can you suggest an oven temperature and timing please?

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    1. re: MagicalMeatball

      Yeah, that is a good one, thanks. My mom was Russian, and that's pretty much the way I learned to do it at home. The oven-roasted way results in a significantly different texture, and, to my taste, a richer flavor than stove-top kasha, though. I'd love to try making it again, but I don't want a burnt mess.

    2. Were you ever able to find an oven-baked kasha recipe? That's the way my grandmother used to make it but her recipe was never written down and back then I couldn't have cared less how it was made :( I think she may have also added ground beef liver to her kasha.

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      1. re: mifish

        Oh, I'm glad you bumped this thread. Maybe someone will help us both. I have tried a few things on my own, but I either burn the bottom, or I don't get the crustiness that I remember.