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Jan 9, 2013 05:39 PM

Tosca bought by Spotted Pig (NY) team [San Francisco]

Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield of Spotted Pig fame have bought Tosca and plan to rebuild the kitchen, make repairs, otherwise keep it the same.

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  1. I was delighted, and not altogether surprised, that Jeannette found an angel. The place will no doubt change quite a bit and who knows how that will turn out. I knew Ken Friedman (not well) a hundred years ago here in SF, and he is at least well aware of the legacy (if that's the right word) he's taking on. I hope for the best!

    1. I'm a big fan of the Spotted Pig. San Francisco's already stellar food scene just got a bit better.

      1. I have this debate all the time with my friends. Old School SF vs the new.
        I am a nostalgic person and this breaks my heart.
        I am happy that it is saved. Any Tosca is better then No Tosca. But this does not sit well with me.

        and when I juxtapose it with Txoko closing.... it really upsets me

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        1. re: smatbrat

          I've enjoyed April's cooking at London's River Cafe and I've kicked back many times at the bar at the Spotted Pig in the West Village. It will be a seamless transition with good bar food. April gets this stuff, Friedman has local history. I couldn't imagine a better team to take over the space.

          1. re: steve h.

            It will not be a seamless transition. Call me chicken little, but North Beach regulars will avoid it like the plague, and the SOMA/Mission hipsters and the bridge & tunnel crowd will take over. The earth shakes in North Beach when even such a minor event as discontinuing the baskets of free cialde takes place.

          2. re: smatbrat

            I have to agree with you, glad it's still going to be there, sad that it will change.

            Doesn't sound like there will be too much of a change, but it won't be the same. Sounds like it's going to be more about food rather than a bar.

            Oh well, I'll wander over there soon to bask in it's faded glory very soon. And since I'm in curmudgeon mode, can we call them snacks rather than small plates?! And get off my lawn!

          3. So for one hot second, I'm going to bump this up to a more--what shall I call it?-- philosophical plane.....

            The conflict--wanting a storied place to stay the same vs. being excited about change--is one we struggle with in many domains. It's about memories and time passing and community and more.

            I'm one of those people who periodically and to this day mourns the loss of Maud's Pastry Shop in Haverhill MA, which probably closed sometime in the '60s (I can still taste those sugar cookies).

            I don't have that sort of personal connection to Tosca, but completely get it re those who do.

            At the same time, I'm an April Bloomfield fan; and the prospect of eating her food in SF leaves me giddy with anticipation.

            Just sharing.... :)

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            1. re: sundeck sue

              That is a VERY valid assessment. And that is my conflict. My memories, preserving this place as is. Or a new change that might make it better or bring in new people.

              Things I do not want to change: The juke box (not including the stupid sunday free juke box they brought in in the last years). I do not want to see them accept Credit Cards.

              I do not want them to pain the bathrooms.

              1. re: smatbrat

                They'll probably accept credit cards, even Vesuvius accepts those now, and paint the bathrooms. But I hope they keep that jukebox!

                I just hope that the old school vibe isn't lost, and that it becomes too shiny and new, with just a faint echo of it's special vibe. I'm pretty sick of shiny and new.