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Jan 9, 2013 05:17 PM

Sushi grade tuna?

I'm looking for "good" sushi grade tuna near the PG County-Anne Arrundel County area. Willing to drive a little out of the way. Would prefer fresh vs. frozen sushi grade tuna. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Whole Food and the better Harris Teeters seem to always be claiming theirs is wild-caught "sushi-grade". but I don't think there's any real legal standard for this label. ya gotta poke and sniff.

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      Used to work for Harris Teeter. Definately NOT the place to purchase "good" seafood. Will check out Whole Foods. Does anyone have any knowledge of Frank's Seafood in Jessup?

      1. re: Phoebe

        I was always suspicious of HT's claims and never did any sort of sushi/sashimi/ceviche with their product. although the Chincoteague oysters I liked just fine.

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          +1 I have bought tons of great sashimi-quality tuna at Whole Foods but my local HT usually lets me down with tuna which is often cut into very small filets and often an odd brown/gray color.

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          All tuna are "wild-caught". There is no such thing as a farm-raised tuna. Further, I don't believe the USDA has a "sushi" grading for fish.

          You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.--Groucho Marx

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            yeah my reservations were concerning the term "sushi-grade"

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              There is farm-raised tuna coming from the Meditterranean around Bosnia but it goes to the Japanese market...too pricey for here

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                    Well, I'll be! Interesting article. I guess I'm one of those fishermen that would be annoyed to see fish in cages. It'd be great it they fattened up to 300 lbs. and turned them loose, though.

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                      I was in the seafood business for 15 yrs or so and my thought to the issues along the US coast---in the 80's they put a penny/lb tax on seafood for marketing...they should now put a 5 cent a lb tax on it and use the money to pay labs at different locations along the coast to constantly release juvenile fish into the wild(by the millions and all fished varieties including bait fish) at the same time put a catch moratorium on for a minimum of 3 yrs to try to completely rebuild the stocks.

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                        I fished commercially out of Ft. Pierce and Stuart, FL in the seventies and eighties. There were five packing houses in Port Salerno back then. There's only one left in operation. Gill netting in the Indian River and near the inlets virtually wiped out the fish stocks, especially billfish. When they banned gill netting, the fish started coming back within about five years. The fishing is improving these days, but I doubt people alive today will ever see a 2,000 lb. blue marlin or a 1000 lb. bluefin tuna.

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                Concerning farmed tuna, that certainly isn't so.
                I do agree on the lack of regulation for terms like sushi grade

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                  "With Google Earth, we could examine 91% of the Mediterranean coast and count 248 tuna cages"

                  Source- http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3...

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                    on Google Earth there is some HUGE enclosure off Spain I've noticed in years past (Costa Brava maybe? - near Barcelona) and all I can think is fish farm.

            2. I would try one of the two Wegmans - and I wouldn't get caught up in the fresh/frozen distinction. Most "fresh" tuna particularly sushi grade has been frozen previously - probably on-ship to preserve its quality.

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                I would go a step further and say that essentially all "raw " tuna purchased in the U.S is previously frozen.

                As far as sushi goes, tuna is required to have been frozen by law.

                Now, all frozen or previously forzen tuna is not created equal.

                1. re: gusshane

                  In fact, all "sushi-grade" tuna in the US is frozen. It is necessary to kill parasites.

                  1. re: gusshane

                    Not on Long Island! Such a treat to have fresh tuna at any bar or grill on the East End, the difference is night and day; a lot of it is sold by the fishermen through the back door though, not from a chain supermarket. Sushi grade, if they do catch some, it all goes to Japan, or so I hear.

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                    +1 I also buy sashimi-grade tuna from Wegman's (my usual stores depending on my other errands on the list are Whole Foods, Wegman's and H Mart) and it's always great.

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                      If anyone has ever been to Tsukiji market in Tokyo, they could tell you that the tuna has been flash frozen at sea. You are correct in saying the distinction between fresh and frozen is overblown.

                    2. I am not sure what your H-Mart options up that way are, but I would see if I could find one or at least a solid Korean or Japanese market.

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                        I had the same thoughts. I know I could make such an order at the Korean run sushi place inside the Lottes market near me.

                      2. http://www.aircrabusa.com/

                        Annapolis Seafood Market in Annapolis and Severna Park carry frozen wild caught tuna that is very good. I usually keep a package on hand.

                        1. The only place I buy fish in the area is River Falls Seafood in Potomac (I am not affiliated in any way). They are pricey, but if you go at the right times you can buy it right after it is delivered and being cut. I've seen - and unfortunately smelled - the fish at HT, WF, Wegman's, and there is no comparison.

                          I've heard there are a couple of good shops in DC, but the parking has always deterred me.

                          If you go to RF, around 1-2pm seems to be a good time for freshness and variety. Too early, you get the previous day's shipment. No shipment on Sunday. Do not go Monday morning. They always seem to have tuna, and indeed make their own sushi.