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Dec 27, 2005 10:43 AM

Modesto - anything to eat there?

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Help me. Have to spend New Year's weekend in Modesto. Where does one find good food?

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  1. It depends on what type of food you enjoy. I have listed a few suggestions below that we like. Many of the restaurant names explain the types of food served. The downtown area is beginning to add a decent list of restaurants with some variety that Modesto has always sorely lacked.

    Mediterranean Market & Grill - McHenry Ave.
    Tresetti's World Caffe - 11th
    1505 - J St. (French influence)
    Galletto's Ristorante - J St. (Northern Italian)
    Concetta's - J St. (tapas)
    California Mongolian BBQ - 11th
    Mama Jamaica's - Orangeburg
    Cayenne Creole - McHenry Ave.
    Tasty Thai - Coffee Rd.

    1. I'm with ggb. What do you like? He gave you a reasonable summary of some of the many local options (though we may disagree somewhat on details). We also have a large number of Mexican food options. My personal favorite place to eat is at home with my wife, me, or now (we are SO lucky) our son cooking. We actually have some decent markets for shopping. So: what do you like/what do you want?

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        For future modesto eaters - get out of downtown. there's a lot of boring food.

        Go Mexican: definitely Mariscos Sinaloa, on Crows Landing Road across from the mexican disco music shop.

        Go Cajun: Cayenne, in the McHenry Village (on McHenry). Serves drinks until 2, food until 4 am. Killer peel & eat shrimp.

        Avoid: Meal on a Bun.

        1. re: mscommunikate

          Followed your recommendation for my one Mexican meal in Modesto. Really enjoyed Mariscos Sinaloa. Chips, salsa, rice, beans all done to perfection. Grilled shrimp was excellent. Moreover, had my first taste of Modelo Especial. Thanks.

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            Cayenne is merely OK. Harvest Moon has some Cajun dishes that exceed Cayenne, IMO.

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              Have to disagree with the above post. There is good food downtown. Concetta makes great small plates. Had one of the best meals ever there.
              If Tom Putler is still the chef, Tresetti's is also great.
              And don't overlook the row of taco trucks along 8th st., at H. Just thinking about the al pastor tacos makes my mouth water. Can't find Mexican food that good up here behind the Redwood Curtain.

          2. Just in Modesto and had a very good sophisticated meal at AquaShi. Would recommend it highly.

            1. Though this post is very old, and my reply will not help the OP, thought I'd give my two cents.

              For EXCELLENT Thai food, which I define as fresh, spicy, not-too-greasy, and made with quality ingredients, try Thai House. It's a small, family-owned restaurant. They also have a plated all-you-can eat meal one Sunday a month that features an assortment of Thai dishes.

              For authentic Mexican food in a non-chain establishment, go to El Marinero on Crows Landing. The shredded beef tacos are sumptuously greasy, without being overly so.

              1. In Modesto Yes! AquaShi is very good. Oyster shooters are great!