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Jan 9, 2013 04:16 PM

Reno - The Chapel Tavern has moved and, wow,have they upgraded!

The Chapel which used to be on S. Virginia at Mount Rose St. has moved a bit north into the space that used to be the 1099 Club. The front wall been replaced with a roll-up, windowed door which opens onto a patio in warm weather. As you can tell, their selection of beers is huge and some nice wine and craft cocktails. Very handsome and friendly knowledgeable servers. At this point it seems to be a pretty young crowd which I'm sure will expand as the 'new and improved' venue gets the word out. Even we old fogeys felt welcome :) I highly recommend it.

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  1. Ha - funny you should say "old fogeys felt welcome". I just visted the Chapel in their new location and said nearly the same thing. I felt out of sorts in the old spot and never went back after my first visit, but I really dig the new digs and felt there was a much more diverse crowd (read: over 23). And, my People's Choice cocktail was yummy. Plus, USA Today likes them too:

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      That's cool about USA Today! If you'd told me ten years ago that Reno could sustain a place like this...well, no. Now I completely believe it. We went to the old place once also. Relatively late - for us! - and we were far and away the oldest by decades. But we were made to feel welcome. The new place is a huge step up. All those beers, the cocktails, the wine. I forgot to ask if they plan to introduce some bar food perhaps. Glad another "old fogey" liked it, Nancy :)

    2. We went to a pop-up brunch here today and what fun. And great food and beverages. Chapel Tavern provided a special cocktail called The Sweetpea. It was a pea-infused simple syrup, gin and some sparkling wine. I could have drunk A LOT of those :) Coffee was provided by Magpie Coffee Roasters . It was a Kenyan coffee and to my non-connoisseur palate, it was the best coffee I've ever had. They don't currently have a coffee shop but are looking for space. And Mark Estee of Campo provided the food. And, 'course, he doesn't disappoint. There was a sous vide egg over a mortadella, carrot, tomato (I may be making some of this up) hash-stew type thingy. A slice of vegetable frittata on a tomatillo salsa with some kind of crumbled cheese. Some blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. And a wonderful biscuit with a red-eye cream gravy over it. All for $25. I found out about this through FB. I'm looking forward to more of these events around town.