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Jan 9, 2013 03:37 PM

Quick Assignment

Need somewhere convenient for tonight to have dinner while waiting for the traffic to die-down on the Bay Bridge. Someplace easily accessible (read: parking relatively not too bad) in the Tenderloin, SOMA, or closer to the bridge. Thinking of Lers Ros but would like to try something different. Under $20pp without drinks and open by 5PM would be ideal.


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  1. here is Gordon's post
    - Happy Hour is 4 to 7 pm for Bites at the Bar -
    have a sparkling water:
    524 Van Ness Ave
    btw McAllister and Golden Gate Ave

    I like the banh khot at Vietnam House
    642 Eddy St
    (between Larkin St & Polk St)

    or pho at Turtle Tower
    631 Larkin St
    (between Willow St & Eddy St)

    Brenda's French Soul Food
    652 Polk St
    (between Turk St & Eddy St)

    A La Turca
    869 Geary St

    Hai Ky Mi Gia
    707 Ellis St
    btw Larkin St & Polk St
    - at Larkin St

    Burmese Kitchen
    452 Larkin St
    (between Golden Gate Ave & Turk St)

    I've only had breakfast at
    Rocco's Café
    but they serve lunch and dinner, too
    1131 Folsom St
    (between 7th St & Langton St)

    $20 for salad & appetizer at Zaré At Fly Trap
    606 Folsom St
    (between Hawthorne St & 2nd St)

    1. Citizen's Band? Actually I have never tried it, but it looks good to me.

      1. Where did you end up? I would have said Zero Zero, they're open all afternoon, good place to linger, parking in those blocks isn't that bad when people are leaving.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up at Brenda's. Hadn’t been there in a while and only for lunch. Unfortunately it was only so-so. Not a fan of cheese in my shrimp & grits...

          I definitely played the whole thing wrong. Showed up at 5:15 and didn't have quite enough quarters for the meter until 6PM ($0.25/5-min!), so I figured I would add more later. Unfortunately I was a few minutes late and ended up with a $75 parking ticket. Finished dinner by 6:15 and of course traffic was still hell at the Bay Bridge. Should have just stayed at work for a couple more hours!

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          1. re: Civil Bear

            Ouch: you hit the ugly trifecta of mediocre food, parking ticket and bad traffic! I could have told you that traffic on the bridge doesn't clear until well after 6.

            1. re: Civil Bear

              7 on a bad day.

              You really want somewhere to linger, which is what I like about the dark bar space of Zero Zero, where the apps might be better than the pizza, and FlyTrap is a great call too - great little bites at the bar (although I didn't look up the hours). For the southbound ride, I also like Farley's coffee house because it's right near the 280 onramp. Food options within a block, and if that goes fast back to farley's to put the legs up and watch the world (or Bloom's to do the same thing with alcohol).

              For parking, you should get hooked up with SF Parking's mobile app. Even if you don't have NCF on your phone, you can type in the tag on the meter, pay by credit card, and get a text message 5 minutes before the meter expires with a "pay more?" link. iPhone and Android. And if you have NFC (near field communication) it feels like the future to wave your phone near the parking meter, type in the number of minutes on the box that pops up, and walk away.

              And you can keep checking traffic on your phone.

              If you don't have a smartphone, that $75 could have gone a distance to buying one!

              1. re: bbulkow

                Wow, I don't own a car (but sometimes rent) but that sounds like a cool app. How nice to be sitting at the restaurant and just pay when the meter expires and not have to leave. (Would be great in theaters too.)

                1. re: bbulkow

                  Yes, to add insult to injury, I saw the notice for the app for first time when I parked in front of Brenda's. I figured I would add the quarters I had and then download the app while waiting for my food. Unfortunatelly the app would not let me add time in addition to my quarters, so I decided to play it cheap and use the app next time. So much for cheap!