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Jan 9, 2013 03:21 PM

Italian Sausage Sandwich at 1006 Rue Jean-Talon East (Bar Tennessee)

It's actually a cafe/bar not a restaurant, but the sandwiches are homemade including the bread. $8 for a sausage sandwich. There are other varieties as well but I find the sausage the best and well worth the price.
Toppings include salad, tomato, eggplant, hot peppers etc...yummy!

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  1. That is interesting - I remember pedalling by and seeing it underway, but forgot about it. Is it a pleasant place?

    And why Tennessee - is there a Southern US theme? (As in Triple Crown, but that is legitimate).

    1. That place is an Italian cafe/bar with homemade sausage sandwiches? All these years I've been passing by that place thinking it was just a lame dive.

      I'll be a monkey's uncle!

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        Haha. An expression that needs to make a comeback. I will be sure to use it this week...

      2. i'm guessing takeout is not an option?

        1. You would never think they make those types of sandwiches there by looking at the place. Yes take out is available, but better to eat there I find. Takes 10 min in the oven.

          1. thanks Gurkha for the lead,, since I'm a sausage sandwich lover ,well,,,I just had to try!!
            Got there and guess what?? no sausages.. They don't have a menu there ,its a cafe/bar that do make sandwiches at lunch time and sausages maybe every once in a while..
            The gentleman behind the bar said that they make sausage sandwiches maybe once a month.. well i was there and a little hungry so I ordered the salami cheese sandwich pannini (no home-made bread),,, Very ordinary ,nothing special but overpriced for a simple sandwich..
            Place is quiet,clean,but unfortunalty not for me..sorry!
            I'll have to go back to MILANO's..