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Jan 9, 2013 01:58 PM

What kind of beef is used for a Steak & Cheese Sub?

Sadly, we have moved to Port St Lucie, Florida and there are many, many food favorites that we can not get here. Steak & Cheese Subs just being one of them.

Believe it or not, they use roast in cold deli sliced roast beef that they heat!! The one time I did seem to find a place that didn't use the roast beef, the sub was horrible...inedible.

Oh, there was another place that did use beef, quality raw beef that was then cooked on a grill. But they used shaved Rib Eye much as I love Rib Eye.. not for a Steak and Cheese sub.

If it matters, we used to live in Revere and used to get our Steak and Cheese subs from Dimino's.

Since i don't think we will ever find a place that makes them the right way, I would like to make them at home.

It is bad enough we will never ever have Chinese food again..took 2 years to locate steak tips at the market..can't get a proper hot dog roll, either.
Anyway, am hoping someone can help us... maybe someone who has worked in or owned a sub shop in the Boston area.


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  1. Usually brisket cooked low and slow then sliced thin and chopped.

    1. What r u smokin'? Brisket!!

      I'm hoping to get some good, authentic info, here

      1. When I make it at home I get a chuck roast, partially frozen, and shave very thin strips with a knife, kosher salt & pepper liberally, then cook it on a griddle or large hot frying pan. Pair with sauteed mushrooms & onions if you wish. For steak & cheese I like American but I'm not looking for gourmet anything. I want it like a cheap sub shop, and this way it's pretty darn close to the steak and cheese I get from Cabot's.

        1. FWIW, authentic Philadelphia cheese steaks use shaved rib eye. And that is a good thing.

          1. Another vote for shaved rib eye.