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Palm Beach County openings for 2013

WPB - Mellow Mushroom in City Place opens Monday Jan 14 in the old Kona Grill location. I really like MM pizza and this is *nothing* like NY style. All MM's have a psychedelic college style atmosphere and this one will have live music on weekends. I hope they do well and it is a good option for City Place customers. Kosmic Karma is one of their best pizzas and they have some unique ones to say the least, like thai, greek, cajun, bbq chicken, etc.


Lake Worth - There's a semi new burger place on 10th Ave called Moran's Italian Burger Bistro. It is just west of I-95 on the south side of 10th Ave across from the Ford dealership. They have burgers and brick oven pizza so I guess the name has been combined for what they have. I don't know what an Italian burger is. They are a recovery based operation so no alcohol is served here.


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  1. Hullabaloo Italian Gastropub opens Friday in WPB on Clematis. This place looks very promising and even worthy of a Clematis visit. The only place I like in this area is Grease Bar.


    Let's add Bikini Coffee opening soon at 1289 East Blue Heron Boulevard on Singer Island to this news. I love a single origin, fresh ground, properly pulled espresso and why not have it served by babes in bikinis while your at it?


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      Bikinii (two i's) Coffee on Singer Island is now open for those interested. For some reason though, I don't think the emphasis is being placed on the coffee. What region of beans are they offering and does anyone really even care?


    2. Anyone try this coffee bar? Looks promising.

      12 SOUTH J. STREET
      LAKE WORTH, FL 33460

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        I'd check it out but they close too early for my Bamboo Room visits in LW.

      2. I have great lunches there.. atmospher is really nice, comfortable, staff is super.. food is awesome!

        1. Burt & Max's in Delray Marketplace opened Saturday.

          1. Moran's Italian Bistro is pretty good if you are in the area. Pizzas are worthy and the burgers with all of their build your own choices are very good. Mine was a tad overcooked from medium. They have about 5 different types of buns too. The inside is cool with half of the dining tables having couches at the low tables.

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              Pizzas are actually just average and the service hasn't really been that good but it is an option for the area. There is no alcohol served here so take note.

            2. if this is not a record bet it's close to it.

              Bikinii Coffee Closes After One Month in Business


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                I had heard that it closed 2 weeks ago but wasn't sure. I posted this in the B-PB article about the opening and it looks like they followed up my post question to the owner.

              2. Best new restaurants 2013:

                Cafe Toscano
                Bey Beys Chicken and Waffles
                Field of Greens (not new but refreshed)

                Can't believe 5guys closed downtown. tragic.

                1. How did this one escape us? Shula Burger in Delray is now open. I visited the one in Islamorada and it was ok.

                  Delray Marketplace
                  14917 Lyons Road
                  Suite 114

                  1. This news from Farmer Jay in Boca sounds pretty interesting... I can see them doing farm-to-table special event dinners similar to what Swank has been doing:

                    "The old Ellenville in Boca off Glades and Federal (formerly home of the Ellenville Moonlit Farmers Market)is reopening as The Sonoma House, a Denis Max project (of Max's Harvest and Max's Grille).

                    The new project will be an events and catering operation. Book your next party or gathering at this beautiful location. Look out for Farmer Jay and Blindfold Magazine events coming soon."

                    1. Super chefs Charlie Soo (Talay Thai) and Roy Villacrusis (Kobo Asiatic) are opening a Thai & sushi joint venture in Jupiter in about 2 weeks. It will be located in the Winn Dixie plaza on Military at Fredrick Small. Talay Thai is so busy that it almost requires reservations even during the week. Check out what it will offer in the link....


                      1. New from the Food Shack & Leftovers Cafe is Garage VV opening in Northwood on Nov 1. I just read about it here http://tinyurl.com/n87z6l5


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                          Will be interesting to see how GarageVV does. We were down there a couple of weeks ago (burgers at Relish, yum), saw the mural in progress and spoke with the chef (young guy from Miami) and Vivian (the VV in the name). Will be very interesting to see how they do -- don't know how involved Mike Moir will be -- seems like will be Vivian's project. Going to be a very different menu -- seems like it will be more upscale.

                          Northwood seems to be very hit or miss and restaurants come and go. I would think they'll get bookings immediately from being Mike Moir/Food Shack/Leftovers related, but seems to be a different concept/food, so will need to thrive on their own merits.

                        2. The folks from Northwood's Malakor Thai have opened Bangkok Jam in Royal Palm Beach at RPB Blvd and Okeechobee Blvd. Malakor is easily one of the best Thai restaurants in PB county

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                            Didn't realize there was any decent Thai outside of Talay (and now Aah Loi). How does Malakor compare?

                            Been to Garage VV yet?

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                              Malakor in Northwood is much more casual than Talay. They use their family recipes and I really like it when I am near WPB. The volcano shrimp is really good but a bit sweet. Give it a try sometime.

                              Here's the write up about the new place and some info on Malakor http://tinyurl.com/lc86uhm