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Jan 9, 2013 01:07 PM

Djon djon mushrooms?

A friend is adopting a child from Haiti and is interesting in giving him foods from home. She would like to buy some dried Haitian black mushrooms, djon dhon mushrooms I believe, to make a classic rice dish.

Any thoughts on sources convenient to Acton or Waltham? Thanks. She'd prefer not to go the online ordering route.

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  1. Perhaps she could call one of the many Haitian restaurants ( in Boston - to either ask where they get it, or to see if they would be willing to sell her some? I think many use a finely pulverized desiccated version of it.

    I know Highland Creole Cuisine and Sunrise only serve djon djon rice on the weekends, as it is a time consuming dish to make (though delicious).

    You may not be able to find anything in Acton or Waltham. Dorchester, Somerville and Mattapan are the areas that have large Haitian populations in the Boston metro area.

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      Thanks, Prav. The restaurants are probably the best bet. She's a skilled home cook and willing to put the time into the dish, so it's worth seeking out.

      I also just remembered that there is a Haitian church in Waltham that she has been in contact with for her new son, and they may be able to steer her toward a source. If they do, I'll post.

    2. Tropical Foods in Roxbury should have it.

      1. There is a little Haitian Grocery Store about to open on Moody St. in Waltham, there was a lot of activity inside and stuff on the shelves, I might just go knock on the window...

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          Wow, Striper, that's awesome news and great timing. Post your thoughts, of course, if you make it there. My friend will be really pleased.

        2. Not exactly convenient but they have them currently at Columbia Market, at the corner of Columbia and Harvard near Central Sq. It's a small market with mostly Haitian and Jamaican products, with a bit of Mexican and Central American.

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            Thanks, deglazer. I'm in Cambridge often enough that it would be easy for me to pick some up for her. Do you know if they are expensive?

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              I think they were $5 for a small bag, like a sandwich bag half full. Don't know what it computes to per ounce, but I'd guess it's more like the price for expensive dried mushrooms like porcini, rather than the cheaper ones like standard grade shittake.

          2. Dkk variety 293 crescent street Waltham 781-891-0770. The woman that works there can also give tips on how to cook as well!

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              Thanks so much! I'll check it out and pass the info on to my friend.