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Jan 9, 2013 11:31 AM

Barcelona Gluten Free Options

Hello everyone,

My family (2 daughters and wife) and I are heading to Barcelona in March (the week before Easter). I've done a fair amount of research reading the boards here and there are a lot of great suggestions, so thank you already for the info.

My 12 year old daughter has Celiac disease. I understand that a lot of restaurants in Spain are very good about accomodating this (maybe better than the US in general). I've gone to the Catalan Celiac Society website and gotten some suggestions for restaurants that are particularly friendly to those needing GF menus. I'd like your opinions on the following:

1. PLA (sounds like a winner, but wanted to check)
2. Casa Calvet
3. La Lluna (NOT La Luna--different places)
4. L'arros
5. Cafe de la Princesa

Also, do you think that good tapas places (Paco Meralgo) would be able to accomodate her or is there just too much risk of cross-contamination? I am hoping that we will also be able to get meals she can eat at places like Set Portes.

Any other recommendations or thoughts on where to go for dinner would be appreciated. We are staying in an apartment right next to the Jaume I metro.


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  1. Anyone.... Bueller.....???

    1. Hi
      would love to know what you found. My daughter will be in barcelona in july for a month without me. Would love to give her direction before she goes. Thanks

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        Hi, I found a couple of good websites with listings of Gluten Free restaurants and shops.
        This one is in Catalan/Castillian, but if you use Google translate it is pretty easy to understand:

        Also, the celiac society of Catalunya has an online guide (.pdf): Again, the website is only in Catalan and Castillian.

        Here is a list of restaurants I found and liked while we were over there:

        PLA--everything on the menu is GF and they serve GF bread on request.
        La Lluna--specifically marks GF dishes on the menu. Also has GF bread on request. Not as good as some others, but has a good 10 Euro lunchtime menu
        Can Conesa: Great sandwiches. Just about everything on their menu can be made GF. Even their patatas bravas are GF. It is a small hole in the wall, but its good.
        Cafe Viena: Another sandwich place on Las Ramblas. They don't advertise it, but they do have a menu for Celiacs, including GF bread.
        L'Arros: Great paella. All of the rice dishes are GF and they have GF bread. Very friendly waitstaff.
        Tapeo, Anem de Tapas. Not officially listed as GF, but its a tapas place near the Picasso museum. They can easily accomodate Celiacs. We ate there twice we liked it so much.
        Taller de Tapas: There are several throughout the city. We liked the one in the Born district. They knew exactly what we were talking about and accommodated our daughter easily.
        L'Antic Bocoi de Gothic: Sort of a pizza place in the Gothic quarter. They have GF crust, so all of their Pizzas can be made appropriately. They also have GF bread and good salads. Kind of a casual place.
        Allium: This was a real find. Again, they don't label anything on the menu as being GF, but if you ask, they will point you in the right direction. Chef came out and made sure we were OK. Traditional catalan food. Again, very friendly, nice waitstaff.

        Hope that helps. Our general impression was that if you said "Celiaco" they knew exactly what to do and took good care of us.

        OH, before I forget: Granja M. Viader. Hot chocolate and pastries. The Hot chocolate is almost like pudding it is so thick and you have to cut the whipped cream with a knife. All the items on the menu are labeled as to whether they are GF or not. They can do lady fingers and a couple of other pastry items GF as well. All the chocolate is GF. Absolutely wonderful!!

        We bailed on Casa Calvet as it looked a little too "fancy" for our kids. Also Cafe de la Princessa has closed and re-opened in a new concept. No idea if they cater to GF needs anymore.

        Again, hope that helps.


        1. re: hoiya

          Glad you liked Allium, it gets less attention than it should here.
          There are few places in the easily accessible areas of Barcelona that try so hard to offer great , local ingredients, prepared well with some fidelity to local traditions without any Michelin aspirations. (the owner is an interesting guy not unlike many chowhounds - an accountant who ran away from the job.) It's a place that deserves support.

        2. re: rickik

          One more thing: El Cortes Ingles is a huge department store right on Placa Catalunya. In the basement, there is a "health food" department. It has shelve upon shelve of GF bread, pastries, etc. INCLUDING CROISSANTS!!! My daugher was in absolute heaven. You should probably tell her to go and stock up as soon as she gets there.

          Most of the supermarkets (Condis and Carrefour are the big ones) have lots of products labeled "Sin Gluten". It was really easy to find stuff she could eat.

          1. re: hoiya

            Thanks for posting this hoiya.

            My wife is celiac and knowing there are GF pastries and croissants (!!) for snacks is wonderful, especially since it's only 4 blocks from our hotel.